Why Every Commercial Space Needs A Well Designed Kitchen

When planning your office fit-out, there are certain areas you will instinctively focus on. Collaborative meeting rooms, comfortable desks for staff, and fun breakout areas will be what business owners may instinctively think about. However, office kitchens are a crucial part of office fit-outs as they are the perfect communal area for your workplace.

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Why is Cleanroom design important to high tech companies?

The rise in high tech companies requiring a Cleanroom to manufacture their products has meant the design, detailing and installation of such facilities has become even more important.

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What Is A Multi-Purpose Communal Area? A communal area is where staff can relax at lunch or break times. Breakout rooms, office kitchens, canteens, and staff rooms are all positive communal areas that provide comfort and convenience to employees. Multi-purpose communal areas integrate different features and functions of breakout areas into one universal space.