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3D Office Design Meeting Space

From space allocation for desks, meeting rooms and breakout areas, through to bio-filial enhancements for boosting well-being and productivity, 3D office design has an important role to play.

Office Interior Design

How to improve workplace productivity with office lighting

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As an employer, you need to ensure the office space your employees work in fosters productivity. The interior design of your office can have a big impact on your staff’s wellbeing and their ability to fulfil their roles.

How to Design a Sustainable Office

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There’s always room to improve when you’re creating a more sustainable office. Even if you’ve implemented an effective sustainable office design that meets your goals, from there you should think about new goals to aim for.
CleanRoom Company Office Design

Smart Cleanroom Design is Key for Compliance

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Cleanroom Equipment - Smart Design is Key for Compliance When considering the selection of materials and finishes for the Cleanroom envelope, care must be taken to choose those that will provide the shred-free and cleanability levels required…