SEC Group would like to reassure all our suppliers and customers that we are committed to closely following all Government and NHS advice on the current situation, and will constantly review our own policies to ensure these are in line with the latest advice given.

We are doing everything we can to ensure minimal disruption to our services during this time, as well as taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and keeping our staff and clients safety as a main priority over the coming weeks.

Our staff have the ability and support to be able to work remotely if required, and are all fully aware of the current risks around this virus. We will continue to ensure that our quality of service is maintained, and our staff are provided with the necessary equipment to keep a high standard of hygiene to maximise the safety of all.

SEC Group has carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19.

Based on the risk assessment, SEC Group protects those members of our workforce who are at higher risk. Those who are at the highest risk are recommended to be shielded and are strongly advised not to work outside of their home. Those who are at risk but not at high risk should work from home but if they cannot, they are offered the option of the safest available roles with social distancing. SEC Group also enable employees who are self-isolating to work from home.

The objective of this is to identify sensible measures to control the risk in the office and the sites.