Smart Cleanroom Design is Key for Compliance


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Smart Cleanroom Design is Key for Compliance

Cleanroom Equipment – Smart Design is Key for Compliance

When considering the selection of materials and finishes for the Cleanroom envelope, care must be taken to choose those that will provide the shred-free and cleanability levels required to comply with ISO 14644 – 4. Just as important, is the requirement for the equipment to be used and housed within the room also meets compliance.

When designing a Cleanroom, good practice is to assess the suitability of equipment (e.g. machinery, measuring equipment, process equipment, components and tools) for use in Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, with respect to airborne particle cleanliness. Good design will reduce the possibility of particle deposit in “dead” areas, and as the main source of contamination in Cleanrooms is people, well-designed garments will contain most particles.

The key to good design to ensure compliance is the right choice of materials; cleanroom equipment needs to be smooth, cleanable and have low particle emissions. To avoid passive particle generation, stainless steel is recommended in place of plated or oxide-coated steel as these may shed particles. Painted items should always be avoided.

Ideally equipment within the room should have sloping surfaces, where possible. Work surfaces should be smooth with minimal joints and radius edges, suitably sealed to the structure with mastic/seals.

Storage equipment, step-over benches, containers and other change room furniture would ideally be manufactured from stainless steel or solid laminate such as Trespa which are both durable and resistant to damage. Cleanroom seating should have coverings that will not absorb particulates and ideally plastic covered – fabric type coverings should be excluded.

Furthermore, a good selection of base materials help with the required robust cleaning regime, where correctly selected equipment is able to withstand tough cleaning agents.

With so many key factors to consider it’s vital that expertise is sought at the design stage to ensure all areas from flooring to furniture within a Cleanroom will provide an efficient, safe and compliant environment.

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