An innovative project that not only meets but exceeds typical sustainability standards in the cosmetics industry.

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A Green Revolution: Medik8’s Sustainable Facility Journey with SEC Group

In our current business climate, sustainability is a necessity. As a result, the global focus is shifting towards practices that prioritise the long-term well-being of our planet. These changes surpass marketing trends or the need for compliance and have ingrained themselves within the core values and operational strategies of forward-looking organisations.

As industries struggle with the need to reduce their environmental footprint, sustainability emerges as a critical driver of innovation, efficiency, and resilience. The partnership between SEC Group and Medik8 stands as a example of innovation and environmental stewardship within the cosmetics industry. The creation of Medik8’s state-of-the-art Innovation Centre near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is a project that not only established the foundations for Medik8’s future growth but also significantly contributes to their sustainability targets.

Large warehouse interior with high shelves stocked with various goods.

Project Overview

Medik8, celebrated for its dedication to green skincare solutions, aimed to expand its operations without compromising its core value of sustainability. This vision led to the formation of an 18,000ft2 office and Research & Development lab, alongside a 74,850ft2 warehouse and Production space, designed and executed with sustainability as its focus.

SEC Group, with our expertise in sustainable logistics and warehouse solutions, were challenged with the task of integrating the diverse elements of logistics and manufacturing alongside Research & Development into one seamless, ecological operation. The goal was clear: to achieve a facility that operates on zero fossil fuels, maximising the use of renewable resources, and exemplifying the principles of a circular economy in every aspect of its design and operation.

Challenges and Solutions

The project posed several unique challenges, including a rigorous sustainability criteria, the integration of advanced green technologies, and the need to maintain operational efficiency without compromising environmental values. These challenges were addressed through innovative solutions:

  • Holistic Consideration: When designing the operational facility, it was imperative to address the underlying sustainability challenges holistically and treat the root cause as opposed to just the symptoms. Our approach ensured that every aspect of the design and operations were scrutinised and optimised for maximum efficiency and sustainability.
  • Renewable Energy: All operations, from warehouse vehicles to production and packaging machines, are powered by 100% renewable electricity. This was a crucial factor in ensuring Medik8 achieved its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.
  • Solar Power: The usable roof space has been equipped with solar panels, significantly reducing the facility’s dependence on external energy sources and contributing to the national grid’s sustainability.
  • Sustainable Materials: In line with Medik8’s commitment to the environment, all carpets within the site are cradle-to-cradle certified, ensuring they are made from safe, recyclable materials. Office furniture was carefully chosen for upcycling, reducing/minimising waste and endorsing a circular economy.

Sustainability Initiatives

The project’s sustainability initiatives were comprehensive, covering energy efficiency, waste reduction and working alongside responsible suppliers:

  • Holistic Sustainability: Beyond the physical infrastructure, the project embraced a holistic approach to sustainability. From the selection of construction materials to the operational logistics, every decision was made with the sustainability objectives in mind, ensuring that Medik8’s new Innovation Centre not only serves its immediate operational needs, but also contributes to a broader ecological balance.
  • Electric Charging Points: To encourage the use of electric vehicles, the site was equipped with multiple electric charging points, facilitating a shift towards greener transportation options for employees and visitors.

Results and Impact

The partnership between SEC Group and Medik8 has resulted in an innovative project that not only meets but exceeds typical sustainability standards in the cosmetics industry. The Innovation Centre demonstrates what can be achieved when organisations unite under a shared vision for a more sustainable future.

  • Operational Efficiency: Despite the comprehensive integration of sustainable practices, the Innovation Centre upholds top operational efficiency levels, proving that environmental considerations and business success are not mutually exclusive.
  • Industry Standard: This project sets a new benchmark for sustainability in the cosmetics and personal care industry, reflecting that ambitious environmental goals are attainable through innovative ideas and strong relationships between likeminded partners.
  • Contribution to Medik8’s Sustainability Goals: While the project itself is a step towards sustainability, it also helped support Medik8’s broader goal, of becoming B Corp certified, by embodying the principles of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As of January 2024, Medik8 is now one of 66 beauty manufacturers to be recognised as a B Corp.


Medik8 Lab - white room


The SEC Group and Medik8 partnership exemplifies how collaborative efforts can lead to groundbreaking achievements in sustainability. This project and milestone not only exemplifies Medik8’s position as a leader in the personal care manufacturing industry, but also sets a new standard for environmental responsibility in the sector.


Large warehouse interior with high shelves stocked with various goods.

Our Clients Feedback

We partnered with SEC Group because they could deliver every element of our vision, not only that but they had the same sustainability values as our own, and we felt that was hugely important in the partners that we chose.

Owen Lewis, Chief Operations Officer, Medik8
Clean, modern laboratory with equipment and reflective white floors.

What Medik8 Said About Us

Our innovation centre supports many of our sustainability ambitions, most importantly our goal of becoming net zero carbon by 2040 and our sustainability objectives can only be achieved if we partner with like-minded, ethical suppliers.

Alexandra Florea, Head of Sustainability, Medik8

Adrian Wilcox

Damian Chudleigh Smith

Allen Burgess

Kevin Miller


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Paul Booth

Hasine Patel

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