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Do I Need Mobile Multi-Tier Racking For My Warehouse?

Mobile multi-tier racking structures are high-density multi-level storage systems that create a movable access aisle. They’re the ideal option for warehouse owners where space is at a premium. If your business handles a high volume of SKUs (stock-keeping units), optimising vertical space is a great solution. Utilising multi-tier mobile racking increases available space, improves picking times, and provides direct access to products for staff efficiency.

Warehouse and business owners can save significant time and money with mobile multi-tier racking systems. Investing in this warehouse storage solution condenses the shelving together along tracks fitted to the floor. Additionally, there are a variety of mobile bases available that can be configured to match your warehouse design.

As a business owner you don’t always need to move premises to increase storage capacity. Developing your existing warehouse design converts your current available space into valuable storage. Multi-tier racking is an affordable way to do this while simplifying the picking process for staff. The system uses specialised access points including lids, staircases, built-in floors and walkways, and pallet gates. Warehouse staff use this equipment to easily pick from the shelves, despite the storage systems using the vertical space in the warehouse.

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Why Should I Invest In Mobile Multi-Tier Racking For My Warehouse?

  1. Utilise More Available Warehouse Space
  2. Improves Picking Speed & Efficiency
  3. Compact Storage Capacity
  4. Versatile Warehouse Design
  5. Increased Accessibility To All Picking Areas


Utilise More Available Warehouse Space

Depending on your existing warehouse design, multi-tier racking systems can increase storage space by up to 100%, making the storage solution highly cost-effective. The shelf structures support the shelves above them to optimise storage space as more items can fit onto the shelves while still being easy to pick.

Creating more storage capacity within the same floor surface area is a cost-effective way to optimise your warehouse design. Mobile multi-tier racking utilises more of the cube (total warehouse area) without stamping a large footprint, leaving greater storage capacity to utilise. You can usually store products as high as your building’s ceiling, while still providing direct access for picking inventory using specialist pathways and floors integrated at higher levels or using materials handling equipment to retrieve products stored at less accessible heights.

Improves Picking Speed & Efficiency

Mobile multi-tier racking enables business and warehouse owners to improve their pick and pack operations. Increased accessibility to stock increases picking speed and creates a more efficient process. This means that multi-tier mobile racking is a cost-effective investment that also contributes to enhanced productivity.

Reducing picking times for staff allows them to focus on other valuable areas of their roles. Incorporating goods lifts, conveyor systems, and integrated access points decrease picker times even further. For operations involving key components, eCommerce, and smaller SKUs, mobile multi-tier racking is a smart long-term investment that helps increase profits over time.

Compact Storage Capacity

Utilising multi-tier racking compacts storage space to optimise your entire warehouse design. This means your staff have shorter distances to travel during picking and packing operations, direct access to stock, and improves warehouse safety because of the system’s stability and safety features.

Despite the compact storage capacity, the shelf height is easily adjustable so you can quickly adapt your warehouse design to match your operational requirements. If you change inventory, this is useful as the shelves may be too high for your stock. Adapting them may increase your existing storage capacity without having to spend a penny extra.

Versatile Warehouse Design

Multi-tier racking works as a stand-alone storage solution but can also be configured to align with your overall warehouse design. As part of the system, stiffening beams and additional diagonal connectors ensure high-volume storage capacity and stability. The compact storage space is ideal for warehouse owners to efficiently manage floor space to create a cost-effective storage solution.

There are multiple ways a mobile multi-tier racking system can be controlled by warehouse staff. If it fits in with your operational requirements, staff can use a mechanical assist that moves the shelving when the operator turns a spoked handle. Automatic systems are also available that allow staff to move the systems at the push of a button.

Increased Accessibility To All Picking Areas

When you look at a multi-tier racking system, they may seem overly complicated and difficult to access. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however, as direct access to inventory is improved for all warehouse staff. The mobile system can easily be moved to reveal an aisle, from there, it’s simple to scale the structure and pick the correct products.

Mobile multi-tier racking can incorporate walkways and floors along with the upper level of the shelving. With the right warehouse design, staff will be able to access all storage areas and pick inventory efficiently. Intelligent warehouse solutions are tailored to match your operational requirements to ensure increased accessibility.

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Enhancing the storage within your current warehouse can not only significantly optimise your operations, but also prevent you from speeding onto a new premises too early. For a cost-effective multi-tier racking system that benefits your business, get in touch by calling us on 01438 731990 or fill in an enquiry form on our contact page.