Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking Systems – Design and Installation

Storage for long or awkward items

How does a cantilever racking system work?

Cantilever racking is an extremely versatile and robust form of storage for long or awkward items such as pipes, steel or timber.

Products are supported across two or more arms on fitted decks, which are positioned across runs of cantilever arms. The products are then handled by forklift trucks, crane systems or by manually.

As the pallet racking system is modular, additional arms, uprights and braces may be added if storage requirements change. It is also possible to create extra-wide shelves to suit loads of varying lengths. The racking can also be powder coated or galvanised for external use, making it perfect for use in multiple environments.

Cantilever systems are available in light and heavy-duty finishes to suit individual applications. The heavy-duty version can carry up to 5 tonnes per arm and over 30 tonnes per upright. It is available up to 10 metres high.

International Timber - Cantilever Racking

System Benefits

  • Versatile Storage – Rack heights up to 10m and Vertically adjustable arms on a standard pitch of 150mm
  • Bespoke Design – Arms lengths and capacities to suit your requirements
  • It comes in both Light and Heavy Duty Options which can carry up to 30 tonnes
  • Suitable for long items and awkward loads such as: timber, sheet materials, pipes, worktops
  • Can be used outside if galvanised – Painted any colour, or hot-dipped galvanised finish for external applications

Common Uses

Cantilever racking solutions are very versatile and can cater for a wide range of operations. However, they are particularly suitable for warehouses that possess the following:

  • Long product types i.e. timber / metal lengths, pipes, building materials, etc
  • When it is necessary to store products outside

Kawneer UK mobile cantilever racking

What is a Cantilever?

A cantilever is a long bar or beam that’s only supported at one end to form a structure and is a practical form of racking for storing long items such as timber, pipes and building materials. Cantilever racking is a solid structure with several strong arms leaning away from the frame, allowing for items to be neatly stacked between the arms, fixed along the racking at internals.

Cantilever racking offers many benefits including the ease of adding or removing the products stored within the racking solution, as it provides plenty of space around the cantilever structure, with just the arms to avoid contact with.

Cantilever racking not only allows for easy product replenishment or removal, but they are also a practical solution for warehouse operations using a forklift truck.

Product review

We were delighted with the way SEC Storage took the time to understand our business and offer a bespoke cantilever racking solution that exactly met our needs. They also made sure that when they installed the racks their own installers worked in a way which minimised the impact on our operation

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