Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Racking

High-density storage with a reduced number of aisles

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Double Deep Pallet Racking System – Design and Installation

High-density storage with a reduced number of aisles

How do double deep racking systems work?

Double deep pallet racking combines standard pallet racking components with a specialist forklift truck attachment to allow pallets to be stored two deep, as well as back-to-back, thereby removing the number of aisles required when compared to a standard single-deep solution.

Generally, the products stored in each of the two locations would be the same; and since the front pallet will need to be removed to access the rear pallet, the last-in-first-out principle applies.

This double deep pallet racking system requires specialised equipment, such as extendable or telescopic forklifts, and generally, requires slightly wider aisles. However, where 100% selectivity is not required, double-deep pallet racking can be a very cost-effective method of increasing space utilisation and operational efficiency.






Operating Speed


Space Utilisation

System Benefits

  • Enhanced storage capacity as a double deep solution can increase pallet storage count by up to 50%.
  • Operationally flexible: can be reconfigured into standard single-deep and vice-versa.
  • A comparatively high-density and low capital expenditure storage medium to other solutions
  • Well suited for SKUs that have a high stock rotation
  • Eliminates unneeded aisles and increases floor space utilisation
  • Reduced aisles result in a lower level of lighting and electrical infrastructure and power usage
  • Can be adapted to suit most pallets and loadings.

Common Uses

Double Deep solutions are very versatile and can cater for a wide range of operations. However, they are particularly suitable for warehouses that possess the following:

  • Products with more than one pallet per Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • Non-perishable stock, where first in first out does not need to be strictly adhered to
  • A good quality stock management system, where restricted pallet access does not represent an operational issue
  • A need for storage capacity that outweighs the requirement for 100% selectivity

Is Double Deep Pallet Racking Right for You?

When we look to optimise a warehouse for our customers, this invariably centres on the need to increase space for storage capacity as well as improve throughput and pick efficiency. One option to increase storage capacity within a warehouse facility is through the implementation of a double deep pallet racking system.

With double deep pallet racking, two pallets are placed in the same aisle, one behind the other, offering immediate access to just the front pallet. The rear pallet can only be accessed once the front pallet one has been removed. As the rear pallet has a lower access ratio, this creates a LIFO (Last In First Out) storage system.

Considerations of a Double Deep Pallet Racking System

  • Adapting to a double deep pallet racking system offers increased space efficiency
  • The number of access aisles will be reduced
  • Ideal pallet racking solution for storing multiple pallets of the same product, fewer SKUs and product with a long shelf life
  •  Less expensive to install than the Push Back Pallet Racking System which is also a double deep racking system
  • The product type and number of SKUs to be stored in a double deep pallet racking system must be compatible with a LIFO set up
  • Specialist forklift equipment is required to access the rear pallets
  • Installing safety features by fitting pallet racking accessories such as wire mesh or guide rails to assist forklift truck drivers in locating the pallet correctly, as well as protecting stock and other workforce in the facility

Product review

“We contacted SEC following an uninspiring performance from two alternative suppliers. We have limited experience in installations of this size so we were heavily reliant on our chosen supplier to help us design and deliver an appropriate solution.

During the design phase, SEC Storage identified a storage solution which had not been offered to us previously, and one which allowed us to store many more pallets than we had expected (a very welcome surprise). I quickly ascertained that SEC Storage was a capable and well-run business and one which could deliver exactly what we needed.”

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