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Pallet Live Dynamic Racking

Gravity driven dense storage system

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Pallet Live Dynamic Racking

How does Pallet Live Dynamic Racking work?

Pallet live racking is driven by gravity and is perfect for fast-moving products. This system can achieve some of the densest forms of storage with guaranteed stock rotation.

Working on a (FIFO) first-in-first-out basis, the pallets are stored in a block system. The system requires separate aisles for input and output operations.

The pallets are loaded from one side onto lanes of sloping rollers which are set at a fixed gradient. They then roll forward under gravity to be retrieved at the picking face. When a pallet is removed the next pallet rolls into position, making excellent use of the available space.

Less than 50%




Very Fast

Operating Speed

+ 60%

Space Utilisation

System Benefits

  • The system is accessible using most types of forklift trucks
  • Fast stock rotation is guaranteed due to the products being picked from a specific side of the racking
  • High levels of density are achieved
  • More efficient than other dense storage
  • The system operates on a FIFO (First-In-First-Out) principle

Common Uses

Pallet Live solutions are very versatile and can cater for a wide range of operations. However, they are particularly suitable for warehouses that possess the following:

  • Products that have an expiry date
  • Fast moving products

Why should I consider a Pallet Live Racking System?

Pallet Live storage systems are ideally suited to warehouse operations using product lines with short expiration dates such as perishable foods or an operation that is based on a FIFO (first-in, first-out) system.

Pallet Live offers all the benefits of high-density storage while ensuring both stock control and stock rotation is simplified and efficiency is maintained without the need for specialist handling equipment.

Pallets are loaded from a single point within the structure where tracks are set at a fixed gradient, allowing the pallet loads to roll, using only gravity, from the input face to the output face. The pallets are stored in this alignment, with the first one in, being the first pallet out, guaranteeing stock rotation.

Summary of Key Benefits of Pallet Live Storage Systems:

  • A compact and high-density storage system that optimises the available space within a warehouse
  • Increased stock-flow speed, as palletised goods are moved automatically towards the exit point of the pallet live system via the gravity rollers
  • Automatic stock rotation
  • Increased load capacity compared with adjustable pallet racking system
  • Utilises most types of forklift trucks
  • Loading and unloading times are reduced significantly, with no enter required to the racking aisles

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