Pallet Shuttle System

Pallet Shuttle System

High Density, Semi-Automated Pallet Storage

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Pallet Shuttle System – High Density

Why choose a pallet shuttle system?

A pallet shuttle system is a high-density, compact storage solution that utilises remote-controlled, powered satellites to lift, move and place pallets within the rack. Due to the use of the in-rack satellite, pallets can be retrieved from any level, at any time, resulting in a much higher level of selectivity when compared with other dense storage solutions.

Each satellite is an artificially intelligent unit, and through the use of in-built sensor technology can automatically locate, lift and move pallets from one position within a lane to another. Satellites are capable of operating unsupervised so that operators can retrieve a second pallet while the first is positioned correctly.

Shuttle systems can work either as FIFO (first-in-first-out), or LIFO (last-in-first-out), and can be implemented in virtually any environment, including Freezer temperatures as low as -30°C. Since drivers do not have to enter the racks, they are generally safer, cleaner and generate less damage than other forms of dense storage.

How does a pallet shuttle system work?

In a pallet shuttle system, the handling of goods occurs within the racking lanes and is carried out using a remote-controlled pallet shuttle. Standard materials handling equipment is used to handle pallets outside of the rack and is also used to transfer the shuttle from one lane to another.

The pallets are placed on a pallet shuttle which runs off of rechargeable batteries and also contains diagnosis software for troubleshooting issues – ensuring maximum up-time.

As the system works on either a FIFO or LIFO basis, it’s important to understand if this system is right for your storage operation.

We offer a space planning service and would be more than happy to help you identify the right system for your warehouse operation.

- 30%





Operating Speed

+ 60%

Space Utilisation

System Benefits

  • Maximises both the floor space and height available
  • Automatic control of inventory by using sensors to count the number of pallets stored
  • Optimisation of the space available
  • The system can work as both FIFO or LIFO depending on the configuration
  • A highly safe operation which has a low maintenance cost
  • minimises the level of contact a forklift truck driver would usually have as the driver only has to load the pallet onto the shuttle
  • Flexible storage for different types of pallets
  • This Semi-automated solution can also offer further time efficiency gains
  • Standard materials handling equipment is used to handle pallets outside of the rack and is also used to transfer the shuttle from one lane to another

Common Uses

Shuttle Systems are very versatile and can cater for a wide range of operations. However, they are particularly suitable for warehouses that possess the following:

  • Operations with high loading and unloading activity
  • A reduced number of products but with a high number of pallets to store
  • A need to alter the operation seasonally to be fast and flexible

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