Warehouse Shelving & Industrial Shelving Systems

Different forms of shelving can be highly effective storage solutions for warehouses and benefit a variety of industries. However, because there are many types of shelving you may be unsure which is the best storage option for your workplace.

The right option will depend on the requirements of your warehouse. For example, if your warehouse is limited in size, your shelving design will need to optimise storage space. Whereas, for warehouses storing a wide range of products you will need versatile shelving that can store different sized items.

SEC Storage designs, supplies and installs industry-leading warehouse storage systems often using a combination of pallet racking and industrial shelving units such as long-span and mobile shelving.

Unlike supply-only warehouse solutions companies, we offer complete, end-to-end systems, from initial conception to project completion.  These shelving systems must be designed specifically to the unique operation that it is going to be used in. That is why we offer full product and warehouse assessment and space planning optimisation services as specialist industrial shelving suppliers.

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