Multi-Tier Shelving

Storage with integrated mezzanine floor

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Multi-tier Shelving

Storage with integrated mezzanine floor

How do multi-tier shelving systems work?

Multi-tier shelving systems allow for a huge increase in storage capacity, making them perfect for warehouse operations where space is at a premium.

The multi-tier system is best suited to small parts, online eCommerce and pick and pack operations, where thousands of SKUs need to be stored and retrieved at any given moment.

Warehouse relocation and/or site expansion can be rather costly, and in a lot of cases, is not necessary. You could be under-utilising the height of your existing warehouse, therefore missing a key opportunity to maximise your existing operation. A multi-tier shelving system could allow you to greatly increase your floor space; maximise storage capacity, and make your overall picking and packing operation or small parts retrieval more efficient.

The storage structure around the picking and shelving system makes full use of the warehouse cube, whilst providing the end-user with full access to every storage location. Some of the award-winning multi-tier shelving systems we’ve installed have tripled the footprint of their existing parts racking storage through intelligent design and space planning. Warehouse multi-tier systems are not just reserved for large warehouse spaces, they can help maximise the space in any size warehouse.

System Benefits:

  • Enhanced Cubic Capacity – Maximise the height of your building and make full use of your available parts racking space
  • Access to All Storage Locations – Due to the nature of the system and its setup, no area will be left inaccessible for picking
  • Ideal for Picking and Packing Operations – Small parts, key components, eCommerce and online retailers
  • Increased Productivity – Picker times can be greatly reduced, especially via the incorporation of goods lift or a conveyor system, etc.
  • A Wide Variety of Accessories – Floors can be designed for use with pallet trucks and trolleys, and additional access points can be created via the installation of traditional pallet gates, goods lifts or conveyors

Is a multi-tier shelving solution right for my business?

As with all our projects, to ensure we design the most appropriate solution for your requirements, we undertake in-depth operational analysis where we gather and analyse significant amounts of a customer’s operational data to assess both the current situation and determine growth strategies to ensure our warehouse storage solution meets the required criteria and will future-proof the business for expansion.

This unique approach using in-depth data analysis offers our customers a truly intelligent warehouse which then drives the requirement for products such as multi-tier shelving systems, which offer considerable benefits:

  • Optimised storage capacity – Multi-tier shelving installations vastly increase space utilisation within a warehouse facility and by optimising the cube to making full use of the available headroom, our design will thereby maximise storage capacity within the existing floor space.
  • Manage peaks – To maintain pick efficiency when you have an increase in demand for products during seasonal peaks, a multi-tier shelving system allows for an instant increase in order fulfilment using additional operators able to access stock items, without the need for automation.
  • Flexibility – Multi-tier shelving installations offer the flexibility for businesses with large and varying product lines to manage spikes in demand, particularly in the e-commerce sector where companies must adapt quickly to changing consumer behaviour.
  • Future-proofing – Multi-tier shelving can be adapted or extended to address peaks and growth in product lines no matter when they occur.
  • Cost-efficient – the investment required for a multi-tier shelving solution is considerably lower than a fully automated system, reducing financial risk. The flexibility of a multi-tier shelving solution will also allow for enhancements as the business evolves.
  • Centralised storage – the increased storage capacity of a multi-tier shelving system allows for an entire inventory to be stored within one single warehouse facility, enhancing inventory management and reducing overheads of other facilities or the cost of shipping items between warehouses.
  • Customised design – our multi-tier shelving design solutions are bespoke to each customer’s requirements, offering intelligent warehouses that are both operationally efficient and future-proofed.

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