Racking and Shuttle System

Our systems division provides a full turnkey service from design, installation and comprehensive after sales support programme for your warehouse 

Fully Integrated Designs, Complete Warehouse Solutions

The SEC Storage Systems Division understands the vital role that warehouses play within the logistics industry and how, when fully optimised and efficient, they provide considerable competitive advantage.

Our Systems Division offers a full turnkey service from design and installation through to our comprehensive, after sales support programme.

Data-Driven Innovation

Using our in-house data analytics and simulation tools which have been developed using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we are uniquely placed to deliver a fully optimised and operational facility, based on real operational data and projected growth potential, ensuring long term efficiency and agility for your business.

Over the past 20 years, using our expertise and aptitude for innovation, our Systems Division has created award-winning solutions for customers throughout the UK across a wide range of industry sectors, including Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, eCommerce and Fashion Retail.

Turnkey Solutions Provider

The Systems Division provides fully integrated and complete warehouse solutions, bringing the Warehouse of the Future to the SME market, today.

Our intelligent warehouse solutions showcase our industry-leading design capabilities. We are exceptionally proficient at designing the optimal warehouse solution for you using our bespoke AI design platform DIDO.

We also have the knowledge and capability to implement these designs, integrating software with existing Warehouse Management Systems, and Automation Technologies, such as Conveyor Systems, Autonomous Mobile Robots and Automated Guided Vehicles. The implementation of which will be dictated to by DIDO as she delivers the optimal warehouse design solution for operational efficiency and growth potential.


Projects through our Systems Division, entail:

  • Large warehouse or complex storage solution
  • Software integration
  • Automation technology implementation
  • Full design and installation
  • After-sales service programme

Workspace Projects

Working alongside our sister company SEC Interiors we are able to design and install core office interiors and warehouse staff facilities as part of our warehouse storage solution. Our innovative commercial and industrial interior designs deliver stylish interiors that are welcoming and promote productivity and staff well-being. Our office fit-out design solutions take sustainable elements into consideration across the wide range of products we use, including office mezzanine floors, partitioning systems, commercial lighting, office flooring and HVAC, as well as contemporary furniture, all designed around your requirements.


Independent Supply Chain

We operate a fully independent supply chain, thereby providing you with the right solution using software and storage equipment products. From Autonomous Mobile Robots to Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking, we will only design and install the optimal solution using high quality warehouse storage equipment.


Intelligent Warehouse Design

Intelligent warehouse design is the cornerstone of everything we do. At SEC, we have a diverse team of highly skilled individuals that enables us to provide modern, forward-thinking, exceptional solutions through our Systems Division.

Our designs are further enhanced by our fundamental belief that data analysis and simulation techniques can help inform our design decisions and, therefore, we invest significant amounts of time in analysing your requirements and business data in detail, in order to provide truly intelligent solutions.


Thought Leadership

Over the past two decades, our Systems Division has amassed a huge amount of knowledge and experience of the logistics and warehousing industry. We’ve built an incredible team of designers, analysts and industry experts that are deeply connected to the industry and its evolution. Consequently, we have become thought leaders in warehouse design; something evidenced by the numerous national awards we have won over the last few years and our regular contribution to industry discourse through trade associations and the press.


After Sales Service

Although we identify as a Projects Business, truthfully this doesn’t fully do justice to our approach when it comes to our projects. We fundamentally believe that to be successful, a warehouse operation must continue to evolve and improve as time goes by and ensure it continues to support the business’s strategic objectives. This is why our Systems Division team works alongside our clients well beyond practical completion and put every project through our solution-optimisation process.


Our 9-step design process

Step 1: Requirements Gathering

  • Meet face-to-face to discuss your requirements and begin the process of establishing a project brief
  • Extract key information about your current operations
  • Confirm objectives, introduce our approach and recommendations

Step 2: Data Gathering

  • Submit our data request requirements to understand volumetrics, goods in and order-profile data
  • Our operations analyst will review and provide recommendations and proposed solution

Step 3: Design Production

  • Carry out extensive statistical analysis, review information and present
  • Provide you with an initial concept layout
  • Finalise development and design

Step 4: Design Optimisation

  • Testing/quality check and analysis of design
  • Pressure testing: Simulation, through-put analysis and hot-spot testing to ensure the solution is viable
  • Calculating the operational improvements and return on investment opportunities that the solution offers

Step 5 – Presentation & Sign-Off

  • Provide relevant analysis and expected operational performance levels
  • Sign-off

Step 6 – Specification & Quotation

  • Provide you with a detailed specification & quotation for the work

Step 7 – Order Placement

  • Once happy, your order is finalised and confirmed

Step 8 – Project Delivery

  • Introduction to our delivery team: Senior Projects Manager, a Projects Coordinator and Installations Manager
  • Quality Control and Health & Safety checks (we only employ SafeContractor, CHAS and SEIRS accredited installers). Safety checks are conducted by our Health & -Safety manager

Step 9 – Solution Optimisation

  • Final checks and solution optimisation
  • Aftercare

Harry Watts

Gary Kirk

Dhinay Chohan

Daniel Rimes

Daniel Rimes

Our Experts

At SEC we work together to deliver the best possible result for you, our customer.

Our dedicated and experienced sales teams, data analysts, designers, project managers and customer service staff communicate and collaborate to design and install the best possible system for your needs. Our staff are your project’s most valuable asset, take time to meet some of them here.

Our Team

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