Effective product and parts storage is vital to maintain the required efficiency levels in industries such as manufacturing and food production as well as retail, commercial and commodities operations.

If warehouse storage is not operated and maintained effectively, parts can be lost or damaged, stock mislaid or become obsolete if not used. Excessive over-ordering can occur if stock checks are ineffective, and what should be a major support for your operations, becomes a significant and costly drain.

Frequently, management time and the level of expertise within the business is not available to design and build an efficient facility. This causes the warehouse and storage areas to become a compromise and often a negative area holding back growth and profitability. Often a business may presume that the most cost and time effective solution is to rent more space, or to build a new warehouse to simply store more stock or parts in the same way as before.

However this will only exacerbate the existing warehouse storage issues with continued failings in efficiency levels, just on a larger scale.

Opting for a complete turnkey solution from an experienced warehouse solutions provider saves management time, allows you to concentrate with business operations, and offers the best in warehouse storage equipment, designed and supplied as one complete package.

SEC Exports – Your Partner for Turnkey Warehouse Solutions

The team at SEC Exports has been designing and installing intelligent warehouse storage solutions for more than 20 years to meet the exact customer requirements, with many installations across Africa.

We are able to supply the world-leading Dexion storage equipment range, from pallet racking to shelving, mezzanine floors and partitioning, all manufactured to UK and European quality standards. We provide each customer with a bespoke warehouse storage solution, designed to meet their needs both now and with future growth in mind.

SEC Exports

To optimise operational efficiency and enhance your storage capacity through a turnkey warehouse solutions provider using warehouse intelligence, get in touch by calling us on 01438 731990 or fill in an enquiry form on our contact page.