Mezzanine Floor

Why Should I Invest In Mezzanine Flooring?

Many warehouse owners struggle with space on their premises. Installing storage space may take away space from the operational area or the office space. A cost-effective solution to these problems is installing a mezzanine floor. Bespoke mezzanine floors allow you to increase storage, office, and operational spaces.

If your business is expanding but doesn’t want to move premises, mezzanine flooring is a smart installation. The structure can be installed without a building permit at an affordable cost to maximise your existing space. Mezzanine floors allow you to use the previously untapped vertical space within your warehouse. They’re also a stylish and innovative design feature for commercial buildings.

How Can Mezzanine Flooring Transform My Warehouse?

  1. Maximise Space
  2. Add Innovative Office Space
  3. Available at Affordable Costs
  4. Flexible Design
  5. Unique Style

Mezzanine flooring creates a new flooring level inside your existing warehouse, using vertical space, instead of increasing the ground floor space. Increasing warehouse capacity is simple with mezzanine flooring. Whether you want to install more storage space, expand office areas, or install new machinery, mezzanine floors are the ideal solution that transforms your warehouse.

As your business grows, you may need to expand your operations. However, moving to a new warehouse will come with additional costs. A simpler solution is to install mezzanine flooring into your existing warehouse, which optimises your previously unused vertical space. During a period of rapid development, mezzanine flooring allows you to expand while ensuring the project remains cost-effective so you can maximise profits.

If you’re looking to add more storage capacity in your warehouse, there are safety concerns you need to mitigate against. Long-span shelving and modular shelving systems are common storage features installed on mezzanine flooring. Both need sufficient space for staff to pick items safely. Mezzanine flooring increases available space and can be built to support different load capacities to match your requirements.

Installing an innovative mezzanine floor design transforms your warehouse. Mezzanine floors have the potential to increase the usable surface area of a warehouse by one or two levels, doubling or even tripling its size. Mezzanine floors are self-contained free-standing structures that are simple to assemble, and adapt to any location.

Mezzanine floors create additional space for production areas, bulk storage systems, and offices. An office mezzanine floor utilises your existing space to create an area for administrative tasks. Unique designs create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing office space in your warehouse that can increase productivity and workplace happiness.

Why Invest In Mezzanine Floors?

Maximise Space

Installing mezzanine floors allow you to potentially double your available floor space. This allows you to increase your current operational efficiency and plan for the long-term expansion of your business. To increase space further, multi-tier mezzanine flooring provides multiple levels to use for your operations. Whether it’s increasing storage capacity, installing additional machinery, or creating new office space, mezzanine floors are the ideal solution.

Add Innovative Office Space

It’s not only storage systems and machinery that mezzanines can support. Office mezzanine floors are an innovative way to add administrative space to your warehouse. You can install staff breakout areas, as well as desks and meeting rooms in a safe environment away from operational areas.

Available at Affordable Costs

Mezzanine flooring is a cost-effective and practical way to transform your warehouse. Instead of investing in moving warehouses, you can install a mezzanine without spending a large amount of your budget. Keeping costs down allows you to invest in the expansion of other areas of your business, while maximising your existing warehouse space.

Flexible Design

Working with a warehouse design company allows you to create a mezzanine that matches your specific requirements. If you want to increase efficiency for picking and packing items, you can configure mezzanine floors with specific design features. To make restocking, picking and dispatching goods more efficient, goods lifts, conveyors, and chutes can be installed. Whatever your requirements, the layout can be designed to maximise your space and improve workplace efficiency.

Unique Style

The design of a mezzanine can be adapted to the needs of your business. Whether it’s a single or multi-tier system, the flooring can be configured to your current operations as well as your long-term plans. This includes storage space, functional features such as goods lifts, and office areas. You can also create a mezzanine floor that adds colour and style to your workplace.

SEC Warehouse Design Solutions

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