What’s The Best Warehouse Storage Solution For You?

Choosing the right warehouse storage solutions is crucial for any organisation. There are many types of warehouse storage systems to choose from, each with their own advantages. From static shelving and pallet racking to multi-tier racking and mezzanine flooring, making the right choice for your operations can feel daunting. With the right guidance, however, you can cost effectively transform your workplace’s operation efficiency and storage capacity.

Explore the warehouse storage solutions available, so you can make an informed decision that you’re confident is right for your business.

Static Shelving

Fitted into a fixed position, static shelving is an ideal choice for open storage locations, especially where a large number of items need to be stored. These structures are designed to be a stable, permanent fixture in your warehouse. If you store high-quantities of lighter weight inventory, static shelving provides a convenient storage solution. Static shelving also makes it simpler for staff to replenish stock if you have a high turnover of inventory in your warehouse.

Typically, static shelving is not compatible with forklifts, so all items must be manually picked. This includes when organising inventory and replenishing stock. If you have a wide range of different items that vary in size and weight, incorporating static shelving alongside other storage solutions is a smart strategy. For any larger inventory, wide-span shelving systems can support heavier items and you can configure the shelves higher above the ground.

Longspan Shelving - SEC Storage

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a versatile storage solution that is adaptable to many industries, workplaces, and inventories. They enable you to manage high demand and fast production requirements as you can store large quantities of palletised goods. Pallets utilise space more efficiently, speed up picking and organising times, and create adaptable storage spaces. Any pallets are placed on the pallet racking system using a forklift or an automated device, depending on the structure’s height.

High-density storage solutions like pallet racking allow you to take advantage of previously untapped space in your warehouse. This is why pallet racking is a cost-effective choice, allowing you to secure a return on your investment, as well as improve operational efficiency. Despite storing more items in close proximity, the risk of inventory being damaged is decreased as pallet racking systems are strong and durable.

There are a variety of pallet racking systems available. Mobile, double deep, and drive-in racking are some examples and all have unique benefits; the right choice depends on your warehouse’s requirements. Assess the weight limits of the pallet racking structures, their adaptability, and how they fit into your existing warehouse. From there, make the decision that matches your operational requirements.

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Multi-Tier Racking

Another type of pallet racking, multi-tier racking utilises previously untapped vertical space potential in your warehouse. The system is adaptable across multiple workplaces as tiers can be removed and added depending on your current requirements. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all storage solution that is perfect for every warehouse, regardless of industry. Multi-tier racking, however, is flexible enabling you to adapt it to your requirements, existing space, and inventory.

Supporting hand-loaded shelving levels, multi-tier racking systems make picking easier while utilising the available space to its maximum potential. If your warehouse stores small parts, ships for an eCommerce site, or manages a pick and pack operation, multi-tier racking systems allow you to store and retrieve items fast.

Multi-tier racking offers high-density storage capacity, improved picking operations across different levels, and increased productivity. If you require access to all locations in the warehouse, staff can conveniently pick from any area of the setup. Multi-tier racking is a cost-effective solution for online retailers and any organisation storing small parts.

Multi tier racking

Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring can transform your entire warehouse, from the operations to the aesthetics. Mezzanines are cost-effective, quick to assemble, and create space for storage and administration. The cube encompasses the available space in your warehouse. Across most warehouse designs, the vertical space in the cube is often underutilised meaning there is unused storage space. Incorporating mezzanine flooring into your warehouse utilises this vertical space, often doubling or tripling the surface area available to you.

A self-contained construction, mezzanine floorings are simple to assemble and adapt to any location. Because a mezzanine level is free-standing and demountable, it can also be easily transported to your future premises. A multi-tier mezzanine is a multi-level system that supports shelving systems that are manually loaded. You can incorporate multi-tier staircases, loading areas with pallet gates, and administration areas into your mezzanine.

Working with warehouse design consultants ensures you install a mezzanine that matches your requirements. Our team at SEC Storage can guide you through the different types of warehouse storage systems, so you secure the best option for your warehouse.

Mezzanine Floor

SEC Warehouse Design Solutions

Whatever your industry, at SEC Storage, we use data to create intelligent warehouse designs. Our team assesses your requirements and creates a bespoke solution that improves efficiency, is cost-effective, and enables your business to grow. Discover the best types of warehouse storage systems for your workplace by calling our friendly and expert team on 01438 731990 or fill in an enquiry form on our contact page.