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Innovative Warehouse Design Consulting using Data Analysis and Industry-Leading Expertise.

How we use data to drive intelligent, modern warehouse designs

The design and layout of your warehouse impacts the productivity on a make-or-break level; so in order for a warehouse design to be truly efficient, it’s vital to understand the full extent of the customer’s operations and how every element may hinder efficiency and growth potential. This is why it’s also important to know which alterations and changes to the design of the warehouse space will ensure a positive impact. Optimisation of the space and warehouse operations can then improve shipping times and benefit the supply chain as a whole.

Data Excellence

At SEC Storage, we have invested heavily in developing a suite of bespoke data analysis tools through which we leverage customers’ product data to create ‘intelligent’ warehouse designs, and discover the most suitable, effective warehouse layout for each unique working environment. 

We want our clients to achieve a more efficient and streamlined work flow and to be able to optimise their warehouse space based on their needs. Implementing dynamic storage methods will also enable warehouse employees to have a more productive internal warehouse environment.

Award-Winning Design

Our commitment to digital innovation in warehouse design is highlighted by our recent achievement: winning the UKWA award for the Digital Innovation Project. This prestigious recognition is a testament to our advanced use of data and comprehensive analysis in every warehouse layout we craft. Our approach, characterised by data-driven designs and extensive post-sales support, not only sets industry standards but also demonstrates our dedication to leading-edge solutions in logistics.

This UKWA award underscores our excellence in integrating technology and data for innovative warehouse solutions.

Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Data Excellence

The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards is the UK’s flagship awards programme, recognising and rewarding excellence across all sectors.

These awards are the ones to win – any company within the UK, whether public, private or third sector can enter, regardless of size or industry. The awards have a range of categories suited for any successful organisation to tell their story; from large private and public companies through to thriving entrepreneurial businesses, promising start-ups and established SMEs.

Data Driven Warehouse Design

Our approach is to leverage customer data to design intelligent warehouse solutions that meet the customer’s business objectives and optimise efficient traffic flow.

To achieve this, we have built an innovative suite of analytical tools that are embedded in every stage of our warehouse design and delivery process. These tools are used to transform the customer experience and effectiveness of our design solutions that we place into warehouses and distribution facilities for the better.

Our usage of customers’ operational data has a highly positive effect pre, during and post-project.

Proven systematic approach

We have developed a proven, systematic approach to warehouse layout designs that utilise extensive data gathering, in-depth analytics and operational simulations to deliver intelligent warehouse design solutions and effective space utilisation for our customers.

Without doubt, our data-oriented approach to warehouse layout design has made us more innovative, as by understanding our customers’ operations better, we are able to provide solutions that differentiate our customers from their competition and drive improved financial performance.

Warehouse Design: Where Do You Start?

Warehouses are about far more than just racking and storage capacity. We know that the warehouse layout plays a key factor in the success of your business, as it dictates the warehousing operations and the way day to day work will be executed. Using our extensive experience in delivering complete warehouse designs, we will take your warehouse layout and storage from initial conception all the way through to completion, enhancing your business.

After discussing your warehouse needs by conducting an Analytical Appraisal, and gaining an understanding of your business and how you operate, our warehouse design consultants will then produce optimised conceptual internal and external layouts that match your business’ strategic needs and internal environment, as well as adding value to your clients.

Effective warehouse design and space utilisation will be achieved depending on the unique and personal needs of the client, ultimately resulting in the most efficient warehouse layout design possible. This will provide ample space for loading and unloading areas, and enable a good warehouse management system to be implemented with a smoothness that previously would have been less effective had the warehouse area not been optimised to its full potential.

Complete Warehouse Design Service

Through our expert warehouse design service using the latest data analysis and modelling tools, we are able to offer our customers a variety of solutions to optimise warehouse efficiency, space usage and operational productivity, making the most of the available space with the most efficient layout for each specific business. This will reap benefits such as:

  • Greater load handling speed being achieved.
  • Tracking of inventory becoming a less time consuming task.
  • Loading, unloading and shipping and picking areas being clearly designated.
  • Improved put away and picking rates.


As a direct result, shipping and delivery times being dramatically improved. We offer a significant range of services, and each warehouse design we produce will be bespoke to your exact needs to meet business objectives for growth and efficiency, now and in the future.

Harry Watts

Damian Chudleigh Smith

Thomas Clarke

Gary Kirk

Jasmine Savage-Watts

Adrian Wilcox

Our Experts

At SEC we work together to deliver the best possible result for you, our customer.

Our dedicated and experienced sales teams, data analysts, designers, project managers and customer service staff communicate and collaborate to design and install the best possible system for your needs. Our staff are your project’s most valuable asset, take time to meet some of them here.

Our Team

Our 9-step design process

Step 1: Requirements Gathering

  • Meet face-to-face to discuss your requirements and begin the process of establishing a project brief.
  • Extract key information about your current warehouse operations.
  • Confirm objectives, introduce our approach and recommendations.


Step 2: Data Gathering

  • Submit our data request requirements to understand volumetrics, goods in and order-profile data.
  • Our operations analyst will review and provide recommendations and proposed solution(s).


Step 3: Design Production

  • Carry out extensive statistical analysis, review information and present to the client, ensuring that all parties agree storage space has been optimised based on the warehouse schematic that will have been constructed.
  • Provide you with an initial concept layout (along with warehouse blueprint).
  • Confirm good warehouse layout has been formulated and adequate storage area sizes depicted.
  • Finalise development and design.


Step 4: Design Optimisation

  • Testing/quality check and analysis of design.
  • Pressure testing: Simulation, through-put analysis and hot-spot testing to ensure the solution is viable and that this is, in fact, the ideal warehouse layout design.
  • Calculating the operational improvements and return on investment opportunities that the solution offers.


Step 5 – Presentation & Sign-Off

  • Provide relevant analysis and expected operational performance levels for the new warehouse layout.
  • Sign-off.


Step 6 – Specification & Quotation

  • Provide you with a detailed specification & quotation for the warehouse design and installation.


Step 7 – Order Placement

  • Once happy, your order is finalised and confirmed.


Step 8 – Project Delivery

  • Introduction to our delivery team: Senior Projects Manager, a Projects Coordinator and Installations Manager, who will be implementing the changes to the internal and external layout.
  • Quality Control and Health & Safety checks (we only employ SafeContractor, CHAS and SEIRS accredited installers).  Safety checks are conducted by our Health & -Safety manager.


Step 9 – Solution Optimisation

  • Final checks and solution optimisation.
  • Aftercare.

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