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The Importance of an Office Kitchen


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The Importance of an Office Kitchen

Why Every Commercial Space Needs A Well Designed Kitchen

When planning your office fit-out, there are certain areas you will instinctively focus on. Collaborative meeting rooms, comfortable desks for staff, and fun breakout areas will be what business owners may instinctively think about. However, office kitchens are a crucial part of office fit-outs as they are the perfect communal area for your workplace.

Office kitchens provide a place where employees can take a break from their screen and recharge ahead of returning to their desks. The right bespoke office kitchen design can increase motivation and productivity. Give your staff the opportunity to take a break to make tea or coffee, have a healthy snack, and have a chat with colleagues.

For business owners, investing in a bespoke office kitchen design can transform the atmosphere inside your workplace. 97% of people surveyed by Management Today said that their workplace is a symbol of whether their employer values them. Staff who feel appreciated will be more productive and their general wellbeing improves as well.

How To Design A Bespoke Office Kitchen

1. Choose The Right Appliances
2. Match Your Interior Design
3. Install Appropriate Seating

Choose The Right Appliances

Appliances are a crucial part of a bespoke office kitchen design. As part of your office fit-out, assess how many kitchen appliances you will need to accommodate all members of staff’s needs. Well-planned office kitchen layouts also offer convenience to staff, so make sure the appliances are placed in accessible areas to minimise queuing and optimise the available space. Ensure the layout of appliances, such as microwaves, don’t result in staff crowding around one area of the kitchen, and choose appliances that complement your office’s design.

You also need sufficient kitchen storage so staff can leave their food in the office for added convenience. Make sure there is enough fridge and freezer space for all employees to store their food and drinks. This also contributes to team bonding and improved morale as your staff has the opportunity to spend more time together in the office.

Match Your Interior Design

Your office kitchen design should complement the rest of your office fit-out. Choose a kitchen worktop, wallpaper or paint, and kitchen furniture that matches the colours and style of your workplace. Aligning your office kitchen design with your work areas ensures you convey a professional image to staff and any visitors to your office.

Install Appropriate Seating

A great office kitchen is a communal space where staff can relax, eat and drink, and enjoy time with colleagues. This is why business owners should invest in high-quality kitchen furniture. Communal seating that encourages workplace interaction by creating a centrepoint, improves morale and encourages collaboration between staff.

Ergonomic seating is also a great feature for office kitchens. Furniture with an ergonomic design reduces discomfort and fatigue, providing staff with optimal comfort whether they are working or relaxing. An ergonomic chair supports the natural shape of the spine to encourage good posture and reduce stress. There isn’t a better way to promote your office kitchen as a communal area than with comfortable, ergonomic seating.

Should I Invest In A New Kitchen For My Office?

The biggest reason business owners should invest in an office kitchen is to ensure their employees are happy and healthy. When staff are happy at their workplace they’re more productive. Office kitchens provide a place where employees can take a break from their screen, their workload, and the pressures of their role. Regular breaks allow staff to recharge so they continue to succeed at their jobs.

Workplace Health, Safety, and Welfare Regulations 1992

The workplace regulations 1992 apply to most workplaces and cover a range of basic health, safety, and welfare issues. There are a few notable exceptions where the regulations don’t apply, such as construction sites, ship work, and any work that takes place below ground in a mine. The main purpose of the regulations is to prevent harm from occurring to anyone within your work environment.

The regulations specify that staff are entitled to rest and eating facilities in the workplace. These regulations don’t only benefit employees, they can help increase productivity. According to one survey, 90% of employees said that taking a break at lunch helps them feel refreshed and ready to work again. With a high-quality office kitchen, you can encourage staff to take breaks which will increase productivity, improve employee wellbeing, and boost creativity.

Environmentally Friendly Design

With so many ways to lessen your impact on the environment, and save money in the process, there’s little argument for neglecting to consider this when redesigning your office kitchen. Small changes such as installing a hot water tap removes the need for a kettle and is safer to use. Hot water taps use less energy than kettles, so will save you money in the long term. They’re also typically insulated and have locks that prevent them from being turned on accidentally.

Integrated waste systems make recycling easier for staff while saving space. Having separate waste disposal bins encourages employees to recycle as they don’t have to wade through rubbish to separate any recyclable materials.

Another important aspect of your office kitchen’s design is the lighting. Considering the position of windows will allow you to make the most of natural light and reduce your energy usage.
High-quality kitchen designs will stand the test of time, whilst allowing you to maximise the space available. By working with SEC Interiors, you can create an office kitchen that improves staff productivity, workplace happiness, and shows you care about your staff.

SEC Interiors Office Kitchens

Invest in an office kitchen that benefits your business and staff. At SEC Interiors, our team can design and install an office kitchen that improves employee happiness and productivity.

Discover an office kitchen design that’s perfect for your workplace. Get in touch today – call our friendly and expert team on 01438 731990, or send your message through our online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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