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We design and install bespoke, innovative office interiors for commercial premises

At SEC Interiors, we will work with you to design and install a bespoke office fit-out, whatever your business or industry is, our team can help you create a positive and productive work environment.

If you’re moving to a new office space or looking for an office refurbishment, we can provide you with high-quality designs and office fit-out options. Our turnkey office interior design service offers end-to-end management from the initial design to the installation of your new office. All of our projects will ensure your needs and requirements are met and our team will complete the project to the time schedules and within the budget outlined.

Transform your space

Our office interior designers will put forward creative and new ideas that will reflect your company’s values, history and brand. Our technical knowledge enables us to deliver high-quality interior projects that maximise your business productivity.

Freed Veneers

Our Latest Project

The SEC design team collaborated closely with the client to create an attractive, inviting, and practical office space on the ground and first floors. The design incorporated abundant natural light, taking advantage of the office’s south-facing position.

Given the exceptional quality of their wood veneers, which are primarily utilized in the luxury automotive sector and highly desired by interior designers, architects, and individuals alike, it was essential to establish a showroom. This dedicated space allows clients to personally experience and appreciate the inherent beauty of this exquisite natural product by touching, feeling, and admiring it.

Effect of Office Interiors on Staff

Our research has consistently indicated that the design of an office environment can significantly affect the behaviour, perceptions, and productivity of staff. Put simply, the better experience your staff have in the office environment, the better their morale and satisfaction. 

Influence of Colour on Office Interiors

Colour engages us in every aspect of our lives. Colours in office interiors are essential to ensure professional efficiency in the workplace. Each colour has different effects on staff, and everyone experiences colour in their own personal way. When designing an office environment we take into account how people perceive colours differently. 

Some colours provide calmness to office spaces. Some provide comfort. Some are stimulating and many others have an impact on health and well being in different ways. Appropriate colours should be chosen to ensure the mood of staff is in good order to encourage positive mental health and productivity. 

Colour also plays an important role in influencing either large or small areas. For instance, a long, narrow room in an office building can achieve a more normal looking if the end walls are painted warm, deep, and intense colours as part of creating the detail of the design implementation. While the side walls are painted in lighter, less saturated colours. A low ceiling will seem less oppressive if its colour is light while a high ceiling can be made to seem lower by a dark blue, grey or black. 

Colour assists in creating attention. This is crucial for your team, especially in professional work performance. Without concentration and attention, the work done in the office spaces will be low in quality and productivity. Consideration of colour in office facilities to improve productivity should be made with the idea of aiding your team to work to the highest level possible. 

Noise Considerations for Office Interiors

Noise has been identified as creating stress in relation to employee work performance and satisfaction in the office. The location of phones, copiers, keyboards, and office furniture for example is known for creating impaired employee work performance and productivity. 

As jobs become more technologically complex, the frequency of stress in office rooms and facilities increases. A solution may be required needed for your office interiors so your team can have spaces where they are able to concentrate and be productive. This is not to say layouts like open office designs are not a good choice for implementation, instead, it is about providing spaces in the workplace to give your team more options for how they can situate themselves, and how a team wishes to work closely. Taking into consideration how noise affects office spaces is one of the key design concepts for the whole project.

Office Interiors and Impressing Clients

The layout of your office, your facilities, rooms, and office furniture, says a lot about your company’s professional brand. When someone walks into the business for the first time, all of their initial thoughts should be positive and impressive. First impressions of the rooms, offices, office furniture and the overall office interiors can’t be changed. The first gut instinct a client has after visiting your facilities is of paramount importance.

A well-designed office interior says a lot about your company’s professional values. Your facilities showcase what your brand has to offer. Your office, and office furniture, should say as much about your brand as your employees do. You hire employees based on how they work closely as a creative team. In much the same way, if your office doesn’t work cohesively with your brand and professional values, clients may form a negative impression of your business.

Creating and Finalising the Design of your Interior Office

Once we have finalised your office design, we’ll produce a proposal containing detailed plans and visualisations as well as a technical specification and fixed price quotation against the agreed scope of work. Then we’ll build, supply, and install your new office.

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Interiors experts

At SEC we work together to deliver the best possible result for you, our customer.

Our dedicated and experienced sales teams, data analysts, designers, project managers and customer service staff communicate and collaborate to design and install the best possible system for your needs. Our staff are your project’s most valuable asset, take time to meet some of them here.

Our Team

How SEC Provides Value Throughout the Design and Fit-Out Stages

We take the time to explain each stage of the project, as well as guide you through exploring the best options that are available. We are able to work with strict budgets, providing creative solutions, and we strive to make sure all your requirements are met. We have a hard-working team which works closely together. Our specialists are available to help and to offer advice across the whole process, endeavouring to create the space for the perfect environment. 

Our experienced team has a strong track record of delivering a swift, personable customer experience across all aspects of the design and implementation process. 

We adhere to these core values:

  • Passion
  • Dedication
  • Pride
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity


The solutions we provide are based on understanding your requirements and establishing the most effective design for your company office interior and supplying the most suitable solutions for you.  We can create an office design which works for your company, on a realistic, achievable budget and cost range, making sure to meet the specific requirements of the industry your company operates in.

Our customers span numerous industry sectors from manufacturing, e-Commerce and pharmaceutical to fashion, food & beverage and the warehouse & distribution centres that facilitate them.

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Commercial Office

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Professional Services

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