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Helicentre Aviation Academy

Office and industrial property strip-out, design and installation of stylish office interior with warehouse area for e-Commerce requirement.

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Flight Simulator






New Flight Simulator Room, Offices & Training Facilities for Helicentre Aviation

Design and Fit-Out of Oxford Airport premises provides instrument rating and multi-crew facilities for advanced levels of helicopter flight training.

The new Helicentre Aviation premises at Oxford Airport provide dedicated training facilities and crew areas for their growing number of pilots undertaking their renowned ‘Instrument Rating’ courses. The site is a multi-engine operation and caters for the advanced side of training providing highly skilled helicopter pilots for their offshore clients as well as search and rescue operations.

Helicentre Aviation provides training for approximately 100 pilots per year for their basic training courses at their Leicester operation, with advanced training offered at Oxford Airport handling around four commercial pilots per month on their Instrument Rating course, some of whom then become training pilots for Helicentre. Their advanced training programme also integrates military pilots who wish to convert their skills to commercial helicopters.

Flight Simulator

One of the key highlights at the Oxford training centre is their Flight Simulator Room. Featuring a H19 – Light twin-engine engine helicopter simulator from manufacturer Entrol. The design and installation of this room is temperature sensitive with detailed specifications provided by the manufacturer for the simulator room to conform to, with full certification by the CAA.
To adhere to the strict specifications for the flight simulator room, our design team used ISOCLAD panels to ensure a temperature-controlled environment with enhanced insulation to ensure zero light around the door frame. The walk-on ceiling accessed via the mezzanine floor provides secure and safe access for maintenance.

The bespoke site at Oxford cover two floors and includes:

  • Crew room
  • 2 x 2 person meeting room
  • Store room
  • Undercroft
  • 10 person meeting room
  • Simulator (enclosed) on ground floor, with a walk-on ceiling for maintenance
  • Simulator environment uses ISOCLAD panels

flight simulator image courtesy of Entrol  https://entrol.net/)

Board Room

Feedback from Helicentre

“Our new facilities designed and installed by SEC Interiors have provided us with a bespoke and high quality premises with particular care taken with the design of the Flight Simulator room which adheres to all the necessary specifications for CAA certification. The flight simulator is housed in a large room with high, dark panelling, providing a very immersive experience, it feels like being in a real helicopter.”

Sarah Bowen, Head of Training & Business Development Director

Hasine Patel

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