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Jet Engine Production

Office and industrial property strip-out, design and installation of stylish office interior with warehouse area for e-Commerce requirement.

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Jet Engine Production

Project Brief

The efficiency of the next generation of civil jet engines requires components to be manufactured to tolerances of up to 10 microns. Components and machinery will vary in size by substantially more than this as factory temperatures change during the day. New, state of the art machine tool and lathe equipment, designed especially for this, needs to work in a fully enclosed, clean and temperature controlled environment. Whatever the external conditions and whatever machine process is being carried out, the room temperature has to remain in the preset standard range of + or -1°C. Parts to be machined and tools to be used have to “cure” in the same environment as the machinery for at least 24 hours.


Working with the production engineers at this leading aero engine manufacturer to design the most economic enclosure and air handling system to meet these requirements. A large clean room area to manufacture complex aero engine gear boxes (476 square m x 5m high with internal crane systems, epoxy flooring and all the associated plant and control systems) has also recently been installed.

The initial installation, to enclose one machine, 6m high x 13m wide x 20m long complete with all service and plant and with goods and personnel airlocks, was installed in 1997 and has operated none stop since then. More recently, three other larger areas have been installed an the same site and the original area has been extended to double the size to accommodate two machines.


Widespan ceiling panels and full height steel clad wall panels ensured minimum damage in transit and the fastest possible installation. Our installers were faced with minus 15 celsius conditions at times but still met every stage deadline.

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