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Make every square inch of your warehouse work harder for your business. Discover the perfect design for your operations with our industry-leading and innovative AI-based warehouse optimisation solutions.

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Turnkey solutions for your warehouse space

Optimised warehouse storage solutions help you increase density, security, accuracy and operational flexibility, no matter your industry or distribution needs. Our award-winning systems aim to maximise your footprint performance and achieve new levels of productivity per square foot with the option of offering both fully and semi-automated solutions.

We use expert data analysis to tailor innovations to suit the amount of work you do, the variety of products you handle, as well as your business goals and objectives. You get the latest warehouse technologies made affordable through integrated in-house capabilities.

Intelligent Design and Installation

Our expertise transforms your operations within your four walls. Our in-house teams design tailored storage solutions to optimise each unique footprint, managing installations for on-time enhanced warehouses. Our trusted partners supply innovations that enhance inventory density, accelerate order fulfilment and future-proof your operations. Together, we transform your warehouse to maximise productivity per square foot.

Data Driven

Our warehouse design process analyses your operations then delivers data-backed designs, purpose-built around enhancing your productivity.

Strategic Partners

Leveraging strategic supply chain partnerships, we source quality products and advanced technologies to unlock the full potential of your warehouse.

Turkey Experts

We streamline the implementation of everything from pallet racking to visibility software required for high-efficiency, award-winning platforms tailored to you.

How we can help your industry

  • Automotive
  • Building Products
  • Commercial Office
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Food & Beverages
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ports & Harbours
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Warehousing & Logistics (3PL)
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Building Products
  • Commercial Office
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Food & Beverages
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ports & Harbours
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Warehousing & Logistics (3PL)
  • Wholesale & Distribution


From bulk storage to small parts, having an optimised warehouse storage solution will ensure your operations are efficiency and flexible to changing customer demands and supply chain challenges.

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Building Products

Adaptable warehouse storage solutions keep our customers agile and optimised for a wide range of small, medium and over-sized products. Discover some of the technologies we use to achieve high levels of efficiency.

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Commercial Office

Providing a welcoming and productive environment for your employees with have long term benefits. Find out more about innovative sustainable solutions for office environments.

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eCommerce relies on efficient and streamlined order processing for fast fulfilment to meet the challenges of today’s online demands. Discover a host of technologies that can make this happen.

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We understand the need for flexible and adaptable spaces in all types of educational facilities.  Our experience includes the design and installation of group study spaces, quiet zones, and breakout and reception areas.  We specialise in turnkey solutions that incorporate fixtures and fittings from partitioning, flooring and mezzanines to furniture, lighting and HVAC.

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A huge rise in online purchasing means both order fulfilment and returns processes must be as efficient as possible. Discover the latest technology innovations we use to help our fashion retail customers.

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Food & Beverages

The Food & Beverage sector has seen a huge increase in the demand for online purchasing as well as more efficient storage solutions due to stock holding. Discover the latest technology innovations we use to help our customers stay fully optimised and agile.

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Agility is key for the manufacturing sector. Adapting to changing consumer demands and an uncertain supply chain means warehouse storage systems need to deliver on efficiency and space optimisation.

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The Pharmaceutical industry relies on accurate picking, rapid fulfilment and short delivery times. Find out some of the technology innovations we use to help our customer reach their goals.

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Ports & Harbours

A crucial line in the supply chain calls for accurate and fast offload, storage and onward distribution with optimised warehouse storage capacity and efficiency of stock movement. Learn about the latest innovations we use to help our customers.

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Professional Services

Let our industry experts guide you through your next warehouse storage, commercial interiors or cleanroom project using the latest innovations.

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It’s all about efficiency. Retailers must operate streamlined processes with optimised storage capacity to manage customer demands & overcome supply chain challenges. Discover the latest technology innovations to help.

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Warehousing & Logistics (3PL)

3PLs rely on optimised storage solutions to deliver the speed, accuracy and flexibility for customers’ fulfilment requirements. Find out how we help 3PLs with a range of technologies and innovations.

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Wholesale & Distribution

With the growing trend for online purchasing, integrating intelligent warehouse design and innovative technologies can deliver efficiency and agility. Find out the latest innovations.

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Have you met DIDO?

Introducing D.I.D.O, our award-winning Artificially Intelligent Warehouse Design Platform, developed entirely in-house to transform your warehouse operations. D.I.D.O’s primary mission is to create a fully optimised warehouse and ensure it remains at peak efficiency post-implementation.

We utilise advanced technologies like Machine Learning, Virtual Twins, and Extended Reality to revolutionise warehouse design. These tools enable customised solutions that perfectly match your unique needs and strategic goals. Experience a new era of warehouse optimisation and efficiency with SEC.

Intelligent Warehouses, Globally Delivered

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Our services

  • Storage
  • Interiors
  • Clean rooms
  • Exports

Scalable warehouse storage solutions

Whether handling pallets, cases or individual items, storage optimisation is key to distribution centre efficiency. Our adaptable storage solutions are designed to enhance cube utilisation both vertically and horizontally, increasing storage density while maintaining ergonomics and workflow to maximise your existing footprint.

We offer advanced warehouse automation solutions to streamline your operations and increase efficiency. Our systems can seamlessly integrate with your existing setups, scaling to meet current inventory needs and expanding for future growth. By keeping inventories organised, protected, and accessible, we enhance your operations today while preparing for the demands of tomorrow.


Visionary office interiors

Thoughtful workspace design considers how everything — from lighting to layout — impacts team collaboration and focus. Our integrated approach, spanning initial plans to furniture, installation creates offices tailored for peak workflows.

Custom elements like branded desks and lighting blend form and function, balancing efficiency with reflective environments. Past clients have leveraged our design expertise to craft forward-thinking yet inspired offices where company culture shines.

With every detail enhanced for your needs, our engineers transform workspaces into places where teams thrive. See unique past projects, then contact us to envision the possibilities for your ideal culture-first office.


Precision-engineered cleanrooms

Cleanroom integrity promotes quality-critical processes across industries from medical to high-tech. Our experts tailor pressurised, temperature-controlled spaces to your technical specifications and oversee the complete build process, ensuring environment integrity, air purity, surface cleanability, and humidity compliance.

Ongoing particulate monitoring and maintenance guarantee continued standards alignment as needs evolve. Using SEC means having tailored, maintained environments that are future-ready, allowing you to focus on progress rather than facility concerns.

Our custom cleanroom design and support establish the perfect environment for your technical applications, enabling you to drive innovation forward with confidence.

Clean rooms

Global storage solutions

Efficient warehouse design is central to scaling operations across the globe. Our robust storage solutions customise infrastructure to meet industry specifications, enhancing spatial footprints for safe, high-density workflows.

With high-capacity shelving, racking, and containers that are standardised yet scalable across facilities, you gain continuity without sacrificing security or access. We create expertly tailored warehouse layouts that fit your current locations while accommodating future global supply chain growth.

Intelligent warehouse design establishes reliable, high-performance foundations across your network. Expertly configured storage-optimised interiors connect remote operations, managing current and projected inventory demands. The result is future-ready warehouses designed to scale your business.


Discover how we achieved this in our latest case studies

  • Showroom Interior
  • 16, 900 ft2
  • Office Fit-Out

Freed Veneers

Combined Workspace Project for Commercial Interiors and Warehouse Storage Since their first warehouse unit in Leighton Buzzard back in 2000,...

  • 100% Selectivity
  • High Space Optimisation
  • Stylish Office Interior

HBC Logistics

New Warehouse Storage Solution and Commercial Office Interior for HBC Logistics The new warehouse facility for HBC Logistics offers this...

  • 229% volumetric capacity
  • 100% SKU visibility
  • 500%+ pick locations

Christie Lites

Award Winning Multi-Channel Shuttle System The multi-channel shuttle system installed at Coventry-based Christie Lites has provided a dramatic increase in...

What our clients say


"Reaping Rewards"

“Having worked with SEC Storage on our previous warehouse
installation, we knew that they offered something different to other
partners. But we have been overwhelmed by the lengths they have gone
to, designing and delivering a totally bespoke solution to an otherwise
unsolvable issue. The other options out there were just not fit for
purpose, and everyone told us we couldn’t do what was required. SEC’s
experts together with the manufacturer have been incredible to
develop this solution and we will be reaping the rewards for years to

Robin Wain, Director

"An Absolute Delight"

“Our new facility is an absolute delight, from welcoming customers to view our wood veneers in our spectacular Showroom, through to our efficient warehouse storage solution making our high volume daily deliveries straightforward. Across both Warehouse and Interiors teams, SEC have been excellent. They are a talented team of experts who find a way no matter what and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Laurence Freed, Managing Director

"Trust and Confidence In SEC"

“Their flexible approach and nimble problem-solving capabilities were instrumental in cultivating trust and cementing our confidence in SEC’s
ability to deliver, regardless of external circumstances.”

Phil Turner, Operations Manager


“During COVID-19, SEC were outstanding. Even though we were in the
middle of a pandemic, the project ran smoothly with the fitters and steel
arriving on schedule. I couldn’t have asked for any more from SEC.”

Tom Rodda, Managing Director

"Highly Professional"

“Overall, it was holistic and highly professional approach from Russell
and the team, and I couldn’t fault them.”

Andy Welch, Managing Director & Founder

"Efficiency and Flexibility"

“What could have been an extremely difficult and stressful build
process was alleviated by SEC’s efficiency, flexibility and
communication. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with SEC again and very
much hope we will have the opportunity in the near future.”

Tom Bratherton, Head of Logistics

"What Proteus Said About Us"

“We’re absolutely delighted with our warehouse storage solution; it’s
bespoke, highly efficient using every inch of available space, and allows
us the agility and flexibility to achieve our longer term business growth

Rozalind Richardson, Operations Manager

"An Amazing Workspace"

“We chose SEC as our design and fit-out partner as we were completely new to this type of project and they took time to explain each stage to us and guide us in exploring different options.
Given the scale of the project, we had a very strict budget and SEC helped to deliver everything we needed within this.
The Beacon is an amazing workspace and it is a head office that everyone is really proud of.”

Lenka Booker, Customer Experience Director

"A Fantastic Working Environment"

“The new office is bright, spacious, flexible and impressive. A fantastic working environment has been created with plenty of different workspaces to accommodate the needs of the team. It’s also a great space for hosting clients, we’re very proud of what has been achieved and enjoy showing it off!”

Matthew Allen, Co-Founder/Director

"SEC Went The Extra Mile"

“The team at SEC went the extra mile to demonstrate through detailed analysis and expertise that the new warehouse space would deliver our required ROI and offer us a highly efficient and safe environment for our staff and customers’ inventory.
The stylish office interior further enhances our brand values and provides a great place for our staff to benefit from the new facilities and remain happy and focused.”

Ben Weldon, Director

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