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Cleanroom Applications

Within many different sectors, there is increasing importance placed on the application of cleanrooms and temperature-controlled areas for both testing and producing products.

Innovative cleanroom design and build expertise, helped by technology such as 3D modelling, provides bespoke solutions for enhanced and efficient operations.

The application of cleanrooms and controlled areas has expanded rapidly for industries such as high precision engineering and pharmaceutical production as well as in-house product quality control and testing.

Cleanroom Applications - Warehousing & Storage

Cleanroom and temperature-controlled areas are suitable for a number of applications across a wide range of industry sectors, from food & beverage, to medical devices. Depending on the product to be handled, air, temperature or particle-controlled zones can be installed to manage items such as precision engineered components and frozen or chilled produce.

Our warehouse designs for cleanroom and temperature-controlled environments also focus on staff wellbeing. Recently we designed and installed a fully enclosed mezzanine floor at Portmeirion that would protect staff in the new pick & pack area from fluctuating temperatures.

Healthcare & Biotech

Within the Healthcare and Biotech sectors, there is increasing importance placed on the availability of a cleanroom environment for both testing and screening of samples. With such a high demand for accurate testing, the importance of which has been heightened by the recent global pandemic, the healthcare sector as well as similar other sectors has seen a growing demand for controlled environments with a range of ISO certifications available, depending on requirements.

  • Clean environment for testing / screening
  • Medical storage in clean & safe environment

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Cleanroom Applications Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

With drug production it’s important to keep particle tolerance to a high standard as drug production must remain pure to meet stringent industry regulations.

Quality control is equally important with a pharmaceutical environment and a cleanroom facility will ensure levels can be maintained through the use of high quality components such as insulated panels and HVAC systems.

  • Clean environment for drug and component production
  • Automation / robotics for product packing
  • Quality Control

Food & Beverage

With strict regulations for both the manufacture and storage of food and beverage products it’s important to ensure a low or zero risk of airborne particle contamination to achieve compliance with food standards.

Additionally there is an increase in the requirement for food safe areas where product development and testing can take place. A range of ISO certifications can be achieved depending on requirements.

  • Offers low/zero risk of airborne particle contamination
  • Compliance with food standards / regulations etc.


With supply chain challenges expedited by Brexit and the global pandemic, many manufacturers can benefit from installing a cleanroom environment for the on-site management of product testing. Providing an enclosed zone that meets the required regulations therefore eliminates the need to test products at more expensive laboratory facilities, especially for initial testing at the product development stage when up-front investment may be limited.

  • Offers low/zero risk of airborne particle contamination
  • Humidity control for certain process, e.g. screen/canopies
  • Automation / robotics can be integrated to enhance level of particle contamination


With the installation of cleanroom areas, higher education and universities are able to develop new skills for students with on-site testing and laboratory facilities, as a result, students are provided with a dedicated environment for a hands-on approach to enhance their academic studies, which is both cost-effective and versatile.

  • Offers new skills to students with on-site test / lab facilities


The telecoms sector relies on precise component manufacture therefore, cleanrooms offer the ideal environment for a production of numerous items, including plastic extruded components that are used in vast numbers within this sector. Automation and robotics are also being employed to enhance a controlled facility with less reliance of human interaction as well as reducing the possibility of particle contamination.

  • Clean environment for component production including plastic extruded items
  • Automation/Robotics integrated to enhance product packing and avoid particle transfer

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