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A Collaborative Success: SEC Storage’s Strategic Approach with Christie Lites

In the dynamic world of stage lighting, Christie Lites stands out as a North American powerhouse, specialising in bespoke lighting solutions for theatre, corporate events, concerts, and more. Amid the challenges brought on by the pandemic, SEC Storage stepped up to collaborate with Christie Lites on a transformative project in the UK, ultimately leading to a remarkable journey of expansion into Europe.

Crafting an Award-Winning Pathway

In the heart of the UK, SEC Storage embarked on an ambitious endeavour by delivering and installing an award-winning project for Christie Lites. With the entertainment industry reeling from the pandemic’s impact, both companies recognised an opportunity to forge a deeper partnership and support Christie Lites’ ambitions for European expansion.

Strategizing Success: Setting the Stage for Germany

As the plan for a potential project in Germany took shape, a dedicated team at SEC Storage set out to craft a comprehensive approach. Hours of strategising, questioning, and meticulous planning ensued, addressing vital aspects such as supply chain support, language barriers, legal considerations, and design criteria. The goal was clear: to offer a proposal and quotation that aligned with both companies’ commitment to excellence.

A Partnership Beyond Borders

Communication proved to be a cornerstone of success. SEC Storage engaged in strategic meetings with Christie Lites, leveraging tools like Teams Meetings to bridge the distance between continents. Collaboratively, they discussed the intricacies of the project, outlining timelines, installation strategies, delivery schedules, and coordination with other stakeholders. The aim was to foster a relationship built on trust, demonstrating that SEC Storage was more than a contractor—it was a reliable partner.

Shared Values, Shared Success

Drawing inspiration from Christie Lites’ mission statement, “Provide Measurable Higher Value through Consistent Focus and Committed Relationships,” SEC Storage aligned its entire approach with these principles. Every aspect of the proposal, communication, and service reflected these values, creating a narrative of trust, dedication, and mutual growth.

Navigating Challenges, Delivering Excellence

The journey continued with weekly communications meetings, recognising the Atlantic divide and Christie Lites’ reliance on SEC Storage’s expertise. A real-time feed was implemented to track the project’s evolution, offering transparency and reassurance to both teams. In the midst of the project, unforeseen challenges emerged due to the implications of Brexit; increased customs procedures, regulatory changes, and logistical bottlenecks became pressing issues that demanded immediate attention. These challenges demanded a swift and adaptable response, essential to the project’s successful execution amidst the shifting dynamics of the international trade landscape.



A Stronger Bond, A Shared Triumph

The project’s success surpassed the realm of products, with SEC Storage’s meticulous contract management, unwavering dedication, and effective communication emerging as the true differentiators. As the installation reached its conclusion, the client’s visit and feedback validated the partnership’s strength. Christie Lites’ decision to entrust SEC Storage resulted in a near-perfect collaboration, one that not only secured the Berlin project but also solidified a resilient relationship.

Elevating Value, Inspiring Growth

The partnership between SEC Storage and Christie Lites embodied the values of consistency, commitment, and collaboration. The products were secondary; it was the shared journey, strategy, and unyielding dedication that propelled this partnership to new heights. SEC Storage’s ability to embrace challenges, foster relationships, and deliver measurable higher value exemplified their commitment to transformative success.

“Working closely with Christie Lites was an exceptional experience for SEC Storage. We forged a strong partnership, sharing core values that drove us to deliver outstanding results. Their trust in us to handle a vital European project while they focused on North America speaks to the level of collaboration and communication that defined this successful endeavour.” – Tim Judge, General Manager, SEC Storage.

Chritie Lites

Exceptional Design and Installation Expertise

“I am absolutely delighted with the project in Berlin and the level of service from SEC Storage has been outstanding. From the initial meetings to the hand-over I have been well informed of progress throughout the installation and any potential snagging points. SEC continues to provide Christie Lites with exceptional design and installation expertise and the overall management of this complex international project has been excellent.”

Dan Souwand, Director of Warehousing, Christie Lites

Damian Chudleigh Smith

Tim Judge

Adam Limbert

Kevin Miller

Allen Burgess

Gavin Oliver

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