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Pain Relief Drug Production Facility

Office and industrial property strip-out, design and installation of stylish office interior with warehouse area for e-Commerce requirement.

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Pain Relief Drug Production Facility

Project Brief

A major pharmaceutical project engineering company based in the UK was installing a new pain relief drug production facility in a former chemical works near the eastern border of Ukraine. The facility covers the entire process from raw plastic to finished, filled capsules complete with a capped injection needle fitted to the capsules.

The manufacturing, filling and packing processes had to be carried out in various grades of clean room from class 100 to class 100,000 and additional QA laboratory areas and offices were required.

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The Clean Room Company designed the complete facility including separate air-handling plant for the different areas.

Wall and ceiling panels were shipped from Belgium by lorry and the plant, ductwork, lights, flooring and internal fittings were trucked from the UK.

Installation was carried out in phases to allow the production machinery, which included injection moulding equipment and blow-fill seal machines, to be installed within part completed rooms.

The site was a semi derelict factory which needed damp proof screeds before vinyls could be laid. Local facilities were limited or non-existent and customs and shipping rules were impossible. The facility was validated to the most stringent FDA and European GMP standards by German and Hungarian specialist engineers. Our installation met all requirements and, in most cases, significantly exceeded them. The project was finished on time and has operated perfectly.


Widespan ceiling panels and full height steel clad wall panels ensured minimum damage in transit and the fastest possible installation.

Our installers were faced with minus 15 celsius conditions at times but still met every stage deadline.

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