What is a Mezzanine Floor?


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A Brief Guide to Mezzanine Flooring and Definition


Mezzanine flooring is defined as a free-standing warehouse structure usually made from steel, aluminium, or fibreglass. It acts as an intermediate floor between the base and ceiling of a building. The purpose of its design is to cover one specific area of a building or warehouse rather than the entire floor space. They will typically be halfway up the wall of a building and don’t count as a floor in a building.

Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor maximises your available vertical space, allowing . They create space both above and below the flooring installation. The mezzanine floor can be built free of any existing structures and a building or warehouse can have more than one mezzanine. This is as long it’s total floor space is less than a third of the total floor space of a building.

Creating more space without moving workplaces allows you to avoid paying expensive moving fees. By optimising your existing space, you also avoid losing money by having to plan downtime. Installing a mezzanine floor makes your workplace more energy-efficient as it increases warm air circulation, which will lower the heating costs over winter too.


Multi-tier Mezzanine

You can also install a single-tier or multi-tier mezzanine flooring. A multi-tier mezzanine structure is a multi-level system that can act as a workspace or storage space. You can also install multi-tier staircases and loading areas with pallet gates, making it easier to distribute a product onto a rack-supported shelving system. You also have the option of goods lifts, conveyor rollers, and chutes. This is why mezzanine flooring makes storage and picking items simpler.

The right option for you will depend on your design choices, industry requirements, and space available. This is something our team at SEC Storage can help you with.


Now you know what a mezzanine floor is, what are their main components?:

Building a Mezzanine Floor

There are a variety of components that make up a high-quality mezzanine floor. Below are the crucial parts for installing this flooring:

Primary Beams – These beams are the major support source of the mezzanine. They’re a part of all the columns supporting the flooring.
Purlins or Joists – This feature fits between each of the primary beams and acts as fixing points for the decking.
Columns – These act as a support for the primary beams. This allows the load-bearing to be spread across each column bearing the mezzanine’s weight.
Decking – There are a variety of decking forms for you to choose from. The right choice will depend on what you want your design to be and your business’s requirements.

Where are Mezzanine Floors Used?

Mezzanine floors are perfect for warehouses or workplaces with high ceilings. They can create a more personal space and optimise any unused vertical space. You can give your staff more space to work or create more storage space for any stock, both above and below the mezzanine flooring.

There isn’t a defined mezzanine floor, meaning they’re versatile and offer a variety of benefits.

Mezzanine is a feature of modern architecture that optimises space and lighting. They aim to create new storage opportunities without taking any unnecessary space away from your staff. Mezzanines are popular across industrial environments and workplaces. This is because industrial warehouses are likely to have high ceilings. Industrial settings are also typically free-standing structures which makes them ideal for mezzanine floor installations.


Bespoke Mezzanine Floors

Your preferred mezzanine floor design will be different from someone else’s. To get the best mezzanine floor for your workplace, you need to choose a bespoke option. Bespoke flooring is built to perfectly fit your building’s available space and with a unique design tailored to your requirements.

At SEC Group, all the mezzanine floors we design and install are custom made for your workplace. Every client we work with will be in a different industry and have distinct requirements, which is why it needs to be bespoke and built specifically for you.

Our team works with the specifications of every client. Using detailed designs and high-quality materials allows us to deliver a mezzanine floor that perfectly fits your company. From great aesthetic design to practical space and storage as well as different load requirements.

The main benefit of mezzanine floors is they’re a cost-effective way to maximise the vertical space in your warehouse. Imagine a cube. If you’re only using the floor in the cube as space, there is so much unused space still available. Now think of your warehouse as a cube. A mezzanine floor can utilise the available space to improve efficiency within your company.

To find out more about our range of services, get in touch today.


What Portmeirion Said about SEC:

“The analysis SEC conducted and subsequent design solution demonstrated a clear path to improved operational efficiencies across the warehouse with intelligent use of the existing space. The new pick & pack mezzanine area will enable us to expand our e-Commerce offering, whilst meeting customer service objectives with improved delivery times.

“This project came at a critical growth point for Portmeirion and the resulting efficiency gains are a testament to SEC’s analytics and intelligent warehouse design expertise combined with excellent project management and a professional installation team. What could have been an extremely difficult and stressful build process was alleviated by SEC’s efficiency, flexibility and communication. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with SEC again and very much hope we will have the opportunity in the near future.”

Tom BrathertonHead of Logistics


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