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A Guide to Licence to Alter


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A Guide to Licence to Alter

A Licence to Alter is a vital component when you are looking to make changes to your commercial office space and needs to be considered early in the process to avoid delays to any office refurbishment or office fit-out work to take place. Here is a short guide to Licence to Alter.

Licence to Alter

What is Licence to Alter?

Licence to Alter is the term given to the consent that a leaseholder requires before making certain alterations to a leasehold property. It is a formal, legal document that sets out the terms and conditions under which the alterations may be carried out.

Why would you need a Licence to Alter?

The purpose of the licence is to record the works the tenant proposes to undertake to the property, to safeguard the landlord’s interest and the interests of other tenants who may also occupy the same building.

If you are a tenant and planning to undertake works, it is important to establish whether a licence is required before starting any works, otherwise you may be in breach of your lease. It may be problematic and more costly to apply for retrospective consent for the works if you proceed without getting consent.

When a tenant notifies their Landlord that works are planned, the tenant will be asked to provide details of the proposed works which will usually require the preparation of drawings, plans and specifications. The landlord may ask for conditions to be met as part of the works and these should be recorded in the licence to alter.

What is the process in obtaining a Licence to Alter?

Tenant application (with factors to consider)
Third party input e.g. SEC Interiors
Final inspection

Who needs to be involved in a Licence to Alter?

Landlord’s Surveyor and/or Agent
Landlord’s Solicitor
Tenant’s Surveyor
Tenant’s Solicitor
3rd party contractors e.g. SEC Interiors
Planning and Building Regulations

How does SEC Interiors help with a Licence to Alter?

At SEC Interiors, we are able to support an application for a licence to alter by supplying detailed drawings and documentation that will be required by both Landlord and Tenant. This would generally include liaison with all Landlord side entities and all Occupier side entities and collating the required package of information to allow the License to be granted either alongside the lease completion or after.

Top Tips for a Licence to Alter Application

Check early if your application will be granted either directly with landlord or via landlord’s building surveyor/consultant.

Make the application as earlier as possible; in good time for lease completion.

Make the application with the contractor you wish to carry out the works.

Ensure the contractor is familiar with the process to represent you.

At SEC Interiors, this service is provided within the cost of our works, once instructed.

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