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A Guide to Pallet Racking Safety Pins


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A Guide to Pallet Racking Safety Pins

Pallet racking safety pins play an important part in the safety of your racking systems.

The worst case scenario is that your racking system will collapse. Safety pins are a cost-effective way to help eliminate risk.

What are pallet racking safety pins?

Pallet racking safety pins can be referred to as “beam locks” or “beam connector locks”.

They are small devices that help secure your beams to the frame.

They are inserted into the beam and through the front face of the upright.

Manufactured from either plastic or steel, you should have 2 pins per beam.

Why should you use racking safety pins?

Pallet racking safety pins help prevent beams from becoming accidentally dislodged during normal loading unloading operations.

The consequences of a beam becoming dislodged due to the failure of a safety pin can be serious, such as falling pallets or racking collapse.

In some cases, safety pins have a bearing on how a rack may or may not collapse.

Safety pins are required as part of the SEMA Code of Practice.

Racking systems without safety pins would be an Amber Risk following an inspection by a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector.

Are safety pins manufacturer specific?

YES! Each manufacturer has designed the racking system and safety pin to work together.

The safety pin will have been engineered to behave in a particular way with certain forces, such as a minimum uplift force as per the SEMA Code.

The pin will have “failure modes” to ensure certain forces won’t damage the racking system.

Non-standard devices such as nuts and bolts may not offer the same protection as the manufacturers own safety pins.

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