Top Office Design Trends 2023


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Key Office Design Trends for 2023

With the reduction in remote work and the increase in employees returning to offices since the pandemic, it’s become more important than ever to have a commute worthy workspace that employees will want to travel to, and will feel productive and comfortable in.

Keep reading to learn about the top office design trends of 2023, and how to implement them in a cost effective and practical way, in order to create your ideal office environment.

Office Interior Design Styles

There are many office interior design styles which companies choose to implement; but they dont always work in every setting – you should consider the workplace design that will positively influence the moods and productivity levels of your workers, while impressing corporate clients, guests and interviewees.

One office design trend for 2023 offices is minimalism. In the workplace this can be hugely beneficial for the focus and productivity of employees, thanks to muted tones, limited clutter and blank walls – but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people will prefer a bit of chaos or visual ‘background noise’ in order to effectively get focused and complete their tasks.

One way to incorporate elements of both minimalism and maximalism design styles within the workplace is to have separate areas within the office space – for example, within collaborative spaces and meeting rooms having a busier design with more colour or artwork on the walls would make sense, while more muted tones and a visually appealing but minimalistic approach would suit quiet areas.

Flexible office spaces are also becoming increasingly popular; allowing people to work in coworking office spaces that suit them – if you want your coworkers and employees to be working from your workspace, this is another reason why having an ideal, productive working environment in your office is vital.

Remote Workers

It has also become important to make sure your workplace design is adapted to work with those who are hybrid working, as this is more common than it ever has been. Ensuring these employees feel valued and included is vital to maintaining a productive and happy team.

One way to do this could be to create spaces at the table when there are meetings being held, or have the table placed against a wall where a screen or projector could be placed so those employees not in the office can still be seen, and feel more part of the conversation.

Office furniture

Having ergonomic furniture in office is beneficial for employee wellbeing and comfort; it has been shown that the happier and more comfortable workers are, the better the quality of work that will be produced.


If you are able to incorporate natural elements such as natural lighting, green walls and green spaces, or even have outdoor areas to work and get tasks done, this can greatly contribute to employee satisfaction, making it a huge office design trend in 2023.

If you want to read more on biophilia in the workplace and commercial spaces, click here.

When thinking of your office space design, consider what will work best for as many of your employees as possible, as well as how to get across your brand messaging. There are many office design trends that you could implement to create a trendy working environment; we will have a look at some of the ‘best’ or most relevant in 2023, here.


It is becoming increasingly important to employees that sustainable office design is incorporated into their office spaces, and that the carbon footprint of the company or organisation they work for is taken into consideration.

There are many ways that a company can implement sustainability into a workplace design; it can be anything from making sure there is adequate bike storage to encourage more environmentally friendly travel to work, having plenty of reusable coffee cups and utensils to reduce single use plastic consumption, to reducing artificial lighting usage and instead having more windows for natural light, and using solar power.

When implementing sustainability into your workplace design it is vital that your fit our partner or designers have a good understanding of environmental and sustainability policies, to make sure your space is compliant while benefiting you and your employees. SEC group have great knowledge of how to incorporate sustainable practices into modern office spaces to lower your energy costs and improve employee satisfaction.

Movement and different spaces within the office

Having a workplace that encourages movement can be hugely beneficial for a business, allowing office workers to decide which kind of environment would be most beneficial in helping them complete their work or specified tasks to the highest possible standard, and take action to find that ideal location within the office space.

One popular design trend in modern offices that works in encouraging movement is standing desks, allowing the opportunity to spend part of the working day standing or in a different position. This has become so popular as it also helps with employee wellbeing; alleviating pains or tension that is made worse by long periods seated or in the same position.

Collaborative Spaces

Having specified areas, such as breakout spaces, dedicated to working together in collaborative spaces can improve the quality of interactions, and ensure that your employees are able to work together in productive environments that won’t negatively affect anyone else’s work or focus.

Quiet Spaces

If an individual has a specific task to complete or meeting to prepare for that requires quiet concentration and minimal distraction, creating spaces that are designated ‘quiet areas’ or sectioned boothes would make this easier. By having secluded quiet spaces designed to encourage employees to be privately creative and get their work done independently the speed and quality of work should be largely improved.

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