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A highly efficient space-optimised warehouse storage design and installation, with a complete office interior design and fit-out of new facility.

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Space Optimisation


Office Interior

New Warehouse Storage Solution and Commercial Office Interior for HBC Logistics

The new warehouse facility for HBC Logistics offers this fast growing business a fully space optimised and highly efficient warehouse storage solution, alongside stylish commercial office interiors, focused on staff well-being and productivity.

Dynamic Design

The premises in Biggleswade became available unexpectedly and HBC had to move quickly to secure the location ahead of other interested parties. To commit to this huge space of 62,000 sq ft, HBC Logistics had to know the pallet counts would be favourable and that the design would ensure that taking on the new warehouse would be commercially viable. This would be a significant leap in terms of warehouse size and the design solution needed to reflect the required investment and growth projections.

The team at SEC worked closely with the client to deliver a dynamic design based on factual elements such as slab joint locations, alongside data analysis to ensure the warehouse design could deliver an efficient design as well as rapid ROI.

“The directors at HBC Logistics were well informed and decisive, knowing their business inside and out. This really helped us to deliver a succinct design solution process as many options could be included or dismissed through their detailed knowledge of the business. This approach ensured that the initial design was as close to the final version as possible, which helped them to secure the building quickly, knowing our solution, based on in-depth data analysis and design expertise, would provide the efficiency and productivity they required to hit the ground running.” Damian Chudleigh-Smith, Project Sales, SEC Storage.

As well as requiring a warehouse storage solution to manage their huge range of different sized SKUs, they were also keen to integrate additional safety features in to the overall design, such as high level decking and end of run barriers. Taking their safety requirements even further, we opted to include a design for the very narrow aisles so that the forklift trucks would only advance forwards, adding an extra safety element to the workplace.

The new warehouse storage solution provides HBC Logistics with:

  • Exceptionally high space utilisation factor
  • Full optimisation of the available cube
  •  100% product selectivity
  •  Safety first – key design elements
  •  Intelligent warehouse design for future growth
  •  High density storage
  •  Very little white (empty) space around the racking structure


Commercial Interior – Design and Installation

The new premises would be a single site facility and the commercial office interior design wanted to reflect the values and drive of HBC Logistics, and provide a welcoming and productive environment for their highly motivated team.
The new interior with a bold colour scheme and unique design features, includes a contemporary kitchen and break out area, a spacious open plan desk seating arrangement, meeting rooms and Directors’ office showcasing a bespoke wood veneer wall panel adding a cool, modern touch, complete with sliding glass doors. The office design also incorporated added features on the second floor to include a high spec gym facility, with large viewing windows overlooking the impressive warehouse beyond.


Feedback from HBC Logistics

The team at SEC went the extra mile to demonstrate through detailed analysis and expertise that the new warehouse space would deliver our required ROI and offer us a highly efficient and safe environment for our staff and customers’ inventory.
The stylish office interior further enhances our brand values and provides a great place for our staff to benefit from the new facilities and remain happy and focused.

Ben Weldon, Director, HBC Logistics

Damian Chudleigh Smith

Kevin Miller

Allen Burgess

Harry Watts

Adrian Wilcox

The people that made this possible

At SEC we work together to deliver the best possible result for you, our customer.

Our dedicated and experienced sales teams, data analysts, designers, project managers and customer service staff communicate and collaborate to design and install the best possible system for your needs. Our staff are your project’s most valuable asset, take time to meet some of them here.

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