Pallet Racking

Our friendly team is here to help to guide you and your business towards the right pallet racking system, customised for you and your business. Whether that’s wide aisle pallet racking or a high-density storage solution

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

Versatile pallet storage system with unrestricted, rapid access to pallets at all times. An extremely...

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Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Increased storage capacity on the same footprint - VNA is often a potential solution for...

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Double Deep Pallet Racking

High-density storage with a reduced number of aisles. This racking combines standard pallet racking components...

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Drive-In/Through Pallet Racking

A space efficient storage option where pallets rest on cantilever rails, resembling block stacking....

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Push-Back Pallet Racking

Versatile pallet storage system which uses gravity to store and release pallets in deep configurations....

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Pallet Live Pallet Racking

Pallet Live offers all the benefits of high-density storage while ensuring both stock control and...

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Pallet Racking Shuttle System

Maximising storage density by employing remote-controlled satellites to lift and position pallets within the rack....

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Cantilever Racking System

A versatile and robust form of horizontal storage for long or awkward items such as...

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Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking can be an excellent option when floor space is at a premium...

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We work closely with our customers to provide turnkey solutions from concept design to installation

Machine Learning in The Warehouse

SEC Storage’s award-winning Artificially Intelligent design platform DIDO (Data In, Design Out), tackles industry challenges head on.

Developed entirely in house by SEC, DIDO is a groundbreaking AI-driven platform that leverages the power of data. analytics and intelligent automation to design the optimal warehouse for each of our client’s specific needs.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We believe in long-term partnerships and offer comprehensive post-project support and maintenance services.

This can include regular inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, system modifications, and upgrades of the implemented warehouse solutions.

Our Warehouse Solutions

SEC Storage specialises in storage systems for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). We make the best use of customer data to design the optimal storage system for our customers.

Our warehouse system designs are scalable over time and provide access to technology, often unaffordable for SMEs, in a manageable, phased approach.