Warehouse automation for space efficiency

Proteus Waterproofing

Design and installation of a bespoke bulk storage facility for Proteus Waterproofing, providing enhanced storage capacity and improved order processing.

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Bulk Storage Facility

Previously, Proteus Waterproofing was operating from two warehouses on the same industrial park however collating orders from two separate stock locations generated inefficiencies. Additionally, the drive-in racking layout did not facilitate easy access to each level to operate efficiently, with no separate locations for slow moving stock. Furthermore, only one warehouse was temperature controlled meaning some climate-sensitive items could not all be co-located due to space restrictions.

The key requirements for Proteus in the new 10,000 sqft facility near Rayleigh, were to consolidate all their existing stock items in one warehouse space, increase efficiency for order processing, and allow for company growth and increased stock holding, given supply chain challenges and opportunities to purchase larger volumes of stock to give them a competitive advantage on both price and availability.

Furthermore, Proteus needed to manage the wide range of sizes and weights of products, from heavy palletised goods to light weight insulation material, and allow them to operate on different levels within each aisle independently. As they operate on a 90/10 basis for orders which is also influenced by seasonal demand, they have considerable volumes of slow moving and oversized stock, needing more efficient longer-term storage.

Ceiling line view of racking

Design through Data Analysis

Our unique way of designing bespoke racking and storage solutions is based on an in-depth analytical approach using a customer’s product and operational data. This data-driven format using specially developed algorithms capable of analysing vast quantities of customer operational data, ensures that our in-house data analytical software tool, ELSA, can deep-dive into all facets of the operational requirements before ultimately devising a storage solution to ensure efficiency levels are optimised. Each product SKU (stock keeping unit) is allocated the most appropriate location; ELSA ensures Everything Lives Somewhere Appropriate.

Following this in-depth analysis, ELSA concluded that the design and installation of a pallet racking shuttle solution with bespoke mezzanine floor for additional storage both on top and below the structure, would provide both fully optimised use of space and allow for efficient movement of goods.

To optimise the 8475 sq ft of warehouse space, the bulk storage facility utilises narrow runs of high-quality racking with two automated pallet shuttles operated simply by a remote control. These can be moved easily by a forklift between the aisles to facilitate high density storage within the full length of the aisle. The design took into consideration the height of the building with the pallet racking construction utilising the full available space into the apex of the roof.

forklift truck with pallet racking


The racking and shuttle design is adapted to manage predominantly palletised products including roofing felt which is heavy and unstable. As these need to operate independently for order processing, the shuttle system would allow them to access the palletised stock easily and efficiently, from any level within the chosen aisle.

Additionally, one corner of the warehouse features a bespoke mezzanine floor constructed at nine metres above ground floor height to allow for light weight insulation material to be stored below. Each pallet is up to 2.8m in height and can now be placed 3 un

its high to optimise the available space below the mezzanine level. Additional storage for high value slow moving goods is available on the mezzanine itself with a pallet gate installed for the easy and safe placement of pallets onto this level. Pedestrian access to the mezzanine is via a bespoke staircase and we also undertook the design and installation of a one hour fire-rate wall on the mezzanine level, constructed by the SEC team.

One additional feature is the slightly wider central aisle running the full length of the warehouse. This bespoke design element was included to allow the customer’s HGV to be stored safely overnight within the central aisle, fully laden with orders and therefore ready for early departure the following day.

Damian Chudleigh-Smith, Project Sales at SEC Storage commented, “There were a number of key factors to consider in the design of this warehouse that would be challenging in any facility. However, ELSA gives us the ability to analyse the data and demonstrate various scenarios before the ‘best-fit’ for operational efficiency and ROI is finalised. The design and installation of this high-density racking storage solution and mezzanine has provided the customer with a fully optimised space that will improve their operational efficiency, with much needed additional SKU locations.”

Shuttle Solution Enhances Bulk Storage Facility

What Proteus said about us

Rozalind Richardson, Operations Manager, commented, “From the outset, SEC Storage has been excellent in the way they listened to our requirements, with outstanding communication at every stage of the design phase.

“The storage solution at our new warehouse has provided us with excellent space optimisation allowing us to maximise our pallet count. In fact, we’ve been able to increase pallet locations by 40% by consolidating into one warehouse unit. The design also offers us the ability to hold additional stock in line with seasonal and supply chain shifts, and our order processing levels have become so much more efficient, both through access to pallets via the shuttle system, and consolidating stock in one facility.”

Roz concluded, “We’re absolutely delighted with our warehouse storage solution; it’s bespoke, highly efficient using every inch of available space, and allows us the agility and flexibility to achieve our longer term business growth objectives.”

About Proteus

Proteus Waterproofing is a single source systems provider, delivering the total waterproofing and protection package. With a range of over 200 innovative products, Proteus is unique with the ability to offer high quality components alongside more traditional waterproofing systems that includes liquid plastic waterproofing, giving specifiers, contractors and building owners a real choice. They offer solutions from roof design at the outset of the project, with comprehensive technical support throughout, with guarantees where requested, supported by BBA Accreditation on project completion

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